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Freestyle soccer champ leaves Dar ‘very happy’

That will be between watching the World Cup semi-final matches between Brazil and Germany tonight and also between the Netherlands and Argentina on Wednesday.

Before leaving Dar es Salaam Garnier told the ‘Daily News’ that he felt good about his shows in the city, which started last Wednesday and ended on Sunday.

The Frenchman had decided, from the beginning, to build his shows, adapting his style as he went along from one performance to another. “I had to take time sometimes to play and make jokes instead of doing tricks with the ball.

I can say my audiences loved what I did and I’m really proud to have performed here. I feel they were fascinated with my style of entertainment,” Garnier said on Sunday afternoon before setting-off for another performance at Coco Beach.

He also said that the shows that stood out for him the most during his five-day stay in the city were the one outside his host, Mohan’s Drinks Ltd, officers in Oysterbay and the other near Manzese Darajani.

These were amazing and they attracted many people. Garnier said Tanzanian audiences were very shy and not quick to show how they felt about what they were seeing.

They are different to European audiences who would scream and clap when they see something they liked. He credited some of the local sobriety to the Holy Month of Ramadhan when most people feel they have to have more of a temperate presence.

Though he is also fasting while performing, he feels it is not against his faith because he is busy sharing with others what he has. A five-man Best Boys Dancers group from Kigamboni were pleased to be responsible for warming-up the make-shift stage before Garnier’s performances throughout his tour.

Amongst the spectators were business lady, Happiness Temu, and her children. She told the ‘Daily News’ she found Garnier’s act very good because she had never seen someone play with a football in such a way before.

Before leaving, Garnier told the ‘Daily News’ that after the World Cup final in Brazil, he will return to Paris for a three-day rest before setting-off again for a festival in Switzerland. He will later travel to Dubai, London, Algeria and Qatar.

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