Forget professional mourners, these crooks are worse!

We are very caring people, we get  involved in our neighbour’s affairs, even those which do not in any way concern us in the least, and we are generally generous, ni wakarimu kupitiliza.

That is why it is common for people to approach their boss, and in a teary voice, inform him or her that he needs some time off…….

“Jirani yangu amefiwa na mjukuu wa babu yake upande wa bibi, I need to attend the msiba,” ni vitu vya kawaida, and these are things which only happen in Tanzania.

We are so caring, that is why when our friends look the other way, we take that opportunity to comfort their wives and girlfriends, while our women are so concerned with the husbands of their buddies that they can easily go on a relaxing trip with them, mbona vitu vya kawaida tu?

We are so gentle, hatupendi ugomvi, that is why even when the minister for Transport gave out his mobile number to people so that they can inform him in case they are overcharged in buses, paying 1,000/- and above instead of 300/- , but we didn’t do that instead we  are content with the way things are run… “acha tu bwana, kwani buku nini? ilimradi tufike nyumbani!”.

Recently a friend of mine lost his mother, and it was tragic for  him, so I had took time and attended the msiba, and that is where I saw the true character of some Tanzanians. There are people who like to take advantage of every situation that arises, and that is why in our African culture, we are so  advanced that we have professional mourners nowadays, waombolezaji wa kulipwa!

I commend my fellow Tanzanians  for standing with the bereaved, for offering comfort during the time of mourning, for contributing towards expenses in funerals, kwa kweli upande huo nawasifu sana.

There is nothing as comforting as seeing a familiar and caring faces during the loss of a loved one, kwa kweli inatitia moyo sana, especially for the bereaved. But when I attended that funeral recently, kwa kweli nilisikitika sana, and I think how we behave ourselves in such situations should be very vital, it is a sensitive gathering, if I may say so.

Workmates of my friend who had just lost his beloved mother came to console him, and it was a very encouraging number, who arrived in two mini vans, walikua wengi sana.

But what started to get me worried was the fact that this new group was very loud, and above the hymns that could be heard from three strategically placed speakers, their voices could be heard, yaani  kelele mtindo mmoja!And within a short time things started to get out of hand, because most of his workmates obviously appeared to have had one too many, walikua wamelewa mbaya!

“Kwani hamna msosi hapa jamani, we did not come all this way to be left hungry!” one of the guys roared, and all eyes were turned towards him, niliona aibu kweli! With little support, family and friends had arranged for people to eat at the msiba, but unfortunately because of the large unexpected number of mourners, food soon ran out before every one could eat.

One of the rowdy guys started insulting a young girl who made the mistake of washing his hands and failed to come up with the food, and I had to intervene. The unfortunate girl tried to inform the guy that they had ran out of food, and the fool got angry……

“kwani ulivyoninawisha hukujua msosi umeisha!!” he shouted. Hivi jamani, tunaenda msibani kula ama kufariji wafiwa? If you were that hungry, why didn’t you eat at your place before going there? Mnatia aibu.

And the sad part is that after swallowing beer and all sorts of alcohol wherever they were, this group appeared empty handed, hata mchango wa jumla hamna, and they were loud demanding forfood! Kwani mliambiwa msibani ni sehemu ya kupeleka njaa zenu?

If you go to console someone, try to show it, because it is very uncouth for someone to create a silly fracas because of food, halafu eti ni watu wazima! Msibani is a very sensitive, because there you meet people who are trying to come to terms over their loss, nyie mnaenda kuwaongezea majonzi na tabia zenu za ajabu!

Kwa kweli mnatia aibu, some of you who appear in such gatherings with other motives apart from consoling the bereaved, wengine wanaenda kutafuta wanawake while others just go because they have nothing better to do, mnatia aibu, acheni!!


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