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Food, water wars seen looming

This situation is akin to the story of a breakdown of society where bandits fight over the last remaining droplets of petroleum. In Tanzania, the scarcity of water due to climate change threatens food security and energy production.

For example, water demands in the Pangani Basin, which provides 60 per cent of the inflow to the Nyumba ya Mungu dam used for hydropower production, have intensified.

This is mainly due to the increase of economic activities such as irrigated agriculture, hydropower generation, livestock keeping, domestic fisheries, wildlife and environmental activities.

The threat of climate change calls for deliberate national efforts to enhance and implement integrated water resource management to ensure sustainable use and management of water resources for sustaining energy and agricultural production.

In some parts of the country, water access ranks the greatest challenge with people spending between five and ten hours per day searching for the precious liquid.

Poor performance among school children is also attributed mainly to lack of water. As a country, we need to prepare ourselves for the looming water and food wars caused by a monster in the name of Climate Change.

Scientists say that the warming of the Arctic could become one of the greatest catastrophes in human history, even exceeding the notoriety of Germany dictator Adolf Hitler during the Second World War.

In fact, gradual warming of the globe may not be noticed by many people, but everyone - either directly or indirectly - will be affected to some degree by changes in the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events as green-house gases continue to accumulate in the atmosphere.




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