Fairness, wisdom should prevail at TFF polls

For the past one week the country has witnessed disorder ahead of the February 24 polls, which does not augur well with the development of soccer. Only cool heads are now required to amicably solve the standoff, which is threatening to backpedal the country’s football development after almost eight years of stability and transformation.

It follows an unprecedented axe of presidential hopeful, Jamal Malinzi, from the race allegedly for lack of experience and uprightness. Malinzi is up in arms against the move. He has cried foul over the decision to axe him from the race for TFF president by TFF’s Appeals Committee decision, overruling the Election Committee decision to clear him to stand.

Malinzi and his supporters feel he has all the qualities and qualifications for the job. All said and done, there is need for fairness and wisdom to prevail in this matter. Apparently, the decision to delete Malinzi from the list of contenders shocked many and will only continue to spur chaos.

It should be remembered that it was the same committee (appeal) that cleared Malinzi to stand for the same post in the 2008 elections when he lost to the current president, Leodegar Tenga. It is not for our best interest but it was unfathomed to question Malinzi’s experience in sports leadership at this time.

What has changed now? Does it mean that his experience has waned? Personal interests shouldn’t be allowed to rise above those of the nation. The latest episodes only fuel allegations of favouritism ahead of the much awaited elections. Already there is a move to take the matter to court.

Taking football matters to court will prove costly to the nation, especially at this time when our national team, Taifa Stars, is in the 2014 World Cup campaign. Let’s bring our heads together and let the ballot decide who should be the next TFF president. Everyone is hoping that the election would be another step in reforming the country’s football reputation, sullied by a series of poor performances.

ALTHOUGH the world is still wrestling with the ...

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