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Shein ‘adjusts’ Zanzibar cabinet

The motive behind the major changes in five ministries, under his office, has not been revealed in the statement, but some analysts think it is Shein’s efforts to improve efficiency.

Ministries under the new structure are the Ministry of State- Good Governance and State House; Ministry of State - Regional administration and special department (paramilitary); Ministry of State - Labour and Civil Service’; Ministry of Finance; and Minister of State - Economic Empowerment, Social Welfare, Youths, Women, and Children Development.

The ministers sworn-in yesterday were Dr Mwinyihaji Makame Mwadini, Mr Haji Omar Kheri, Mr Omar Yussuf Mzee, Mr Haroun Ali Suleiman, and Ms Zainab Mohammed Omar, respectively. Under the new changes, some responsibilities will be managed by principal secretaries (PS).

The PS for the Good Governance and State House is Mr Salum Maulid Salum while his deputy is Mr Said Abdallah Natepe. The PS for Regional Administration and Special Department is Mr Joseph Meza, and the deputies are Mr Mwinyiussi Hassan, and Mr Julius Naliy Maziku who will be in-charge of the special department.

The PS for the Labour and Civil Service is Ms Fatma Gharib Bilal while Mr Yakout Hassan Yakout has been appointed her deputy. In the Ministry of Finance, the PS remains Mr Khamis Mussa Omar while his deputy is Mr Juma Ameir Hafidh.

Ms Asha Ali Abdallah is the PS in the women’s ministry, she will be assisted by two deputy PS -- Mr Ali Khamis Juma (empowerment and cooperatives), and Mr Msham Abdallah Khamis (social welfare, youths, children, and women).

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Author: ISSA YUSSUF in Zanzibar

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