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Deliver or quit, Mwakyembe warns ministry workers

“There are no permanent job positions at my ministry; people who can’t deliver will be relieved of their duties,” Dr Mwakyembe said while responding to observations made by Big Results Now’s Transport Laboratory Chairman, Ashraf Khan, that some important developments which would have been implemented between last April and June were stalled.

Dr Mwakyembe, who was furious to hear Mr Khan’s observation, said unless people’s mindsets changed at the ministry and its agencies, the success of BRN would never be attained.

“People who were supposed to discharge their responsibilities in implementing these developments between April and June will tell us why this did not happen,” Dr Mwakyembe noted.

He dismissed regular excuses given by public officials that implementation of some development work was not undertaken because of lack of money as a popular rhetoric which would not be entertained by his ministry while implementing BRN development targets.

“Some of these changes do not need any money to undertake,” he charged after Khan’s critical presentation which showed failure by Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) and Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority (SUMATRA) to implement some actions aimed at easing cargo clearance and transport from Dar es Salaam port to the hinterland.

“It is important for stakeholders at the Dar es Salaam port to understand the changes that are coming, if you don’t undertake them then you are out of business,” Khan, who is also chairman of Inland Container Depots of Tanzania (CIDAT), said.

He said in order for Dar es Salaam port to rival Kenya’s Mombasa port in cargo handling, efficiency should be enhanced, noting that the central transport corridor and trucks carrying containers from the country’s prime port were improved

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