Dar youths counselled on technology

The lecture was part of the Huawei ICT Star Programme for Tanzania Education that seeks to support learning and utilisation of ICT in Tanzanian schools and communities for bridging the digital gap and creating jobs in the country.

"Technology is growing fast. In 1995, no one knew that we would be using smart phones, iPads and social networks. These are plenty today. "Youths need to embrace the new technological innovations so as to move in line with this globalizing world and grasp opportunities brought forward because we expect ultra-modern inventions in the next few years," Mr Hella urged.

Mr Hella said mobile data traffic is growing exponentially with introduction of new devices that include smart phones and other smart devices urging that mobile data traffic is expected to grow by 66 per cent between 2008 and 2013.

"This poses a challenge to service providers because they will have to invest accordingly in network technologies to improve capacity so as to meet the growing demand of Mobile Broadband," he added. Lyford Joseph a fourth year student at St Joseph University said the lecture was an eye-opener for them to focus on how to come up with new innovations.

"This lecture has been so meaningful because we have been able to hear challenges ahead of our careers. We thank Huawei for considering bringing the ICT Star Programme to us and we believe the programme will be beneficial to many ICT students in the country," Mr Joseph said.

WITH the ongoing battle with the coronavirus pandemic, ...

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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