Dar firm at loggerheads with workers over pay

Dar firm at loggerheads with workers over pay

At least 30 workers have decided to quit after realising that the company was not going through the right direction due to a sudden change to other activities. One of the company’s directors, Mr Tony Mwanri concurred with the workers claims noting that the trouble started when the company changed direction abruptly.

“When I bought shares in the company in 2014, everything was going on well. Then we made a decision to concentrate on fishing after acquiring all the relevant licenses,” he said.

Unfortunately, he added, “My colleague, Mr Hugo van Lawick, the son of Dr Jane Goodall, a respected primatologist, ethologist, anthropologist and UN Messenger of Peace, decided to quit fishing,” He said the change impacted negatively on the company’s operations.

“It simply means we were left with no job to do and unfortunately, we have not paid millions of shillings to other creditors,” he said noting that there were a lot of boardroom wrangles that need to be addressed before the company is able to pick up again.

On his part, Mr Hugo van Lawick said he decided to resign from his position at Good for Africa last year. “I don’t want to speak about that in the media,” he said and hanged the phone.

Speaking earlier, Mr Folliot Ndomondo who worked as boat engine technician but left the company already said the firm should pay him some 2.1m/- in unremitted National Social Security Fund (NSSF) contributions and salary arrears.

Mr Juma Mohammed, who has also quitted after working there for several years as a boat-building technician, said by the time he went to check for his NSSF contributions, he realized that the employer had not remitted for at least six months.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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