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Crime must be treated with the contempt it deserves

It is not good. It is an enslavement of the mind, body and soul for those who subscribe to it. There are those who engage in crime out of warped desire to make quick riches without toiling for it. There are those who decide to go into crime to make ends meet, again, of course, without working for it.

Yet there are others who are forced by circumstances to engage in crime. Given the above contexts under which crime is committed, there is every need for governments to go on fighting crime. This must be continuous, sustainable and relentless.

It is a process. Our own law-enforcers in Tanzania deserve a pat on the back for doing a very good job in fighting crime all over the country. In fact, their relentless pursuit over the years has enabled the arrest and prosecution of criminals, which has seen a decline in criminal activities.

According to the Director of Criminal Investigations, Mr Issaya Mngulu, that effort recently facilitated the arrest of about 247 criminals during a two-day ‘Security First’ operation conducted in various regions by the police and INTERPOL (International Police).

The DCI told a meeting of the heads of criminal investigation departments from across the southern and eastern African region that the operation nabbed illegal immigrants, drug dealers, vehicle thieves and illegal firearm dealers. Together with those arrested, the police also confiscated consignments heroin and vehicles, including motorcycles.

Mr Mngulu’s vow -- that the police will carry out more such operations to reduce crime in the country -- was like sweet music to many ears.

Crime is becoming more sophisticated as days go by – and so are the criminals in it. With the ever-expanding population in our cities and towns, the ever-increasing rural-urban migration and, unfortunately at that, the presence of a sizeable jobless persons’ figure, the crime rate has shot up with cases of all sorts of theft, armed robbery, drug peddling and carjacking.

The effort by the police to curb crime in the country would not succeed without the cooperation of members of the public who can assist by tipping the law-enforcers when they come across or spot suspicious characters in their midst. Such cooperation must be encouraged now than ever before in the quest to tame crime in Tanzania.

ON Monday next week, Tanzanian women will join ...

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