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Chamazi: Residents say their chairman is incompetent

The young men and women in the area are not satisfied with their leaders in terms of their services. They want to see development and progress in their area.

It is healthy for people to agitate for their rights and make their leaders accountable for their actions or inactions. One of the issues that has continued to disturb these residents is lack of basic facilities.

As reported to this paper in their recent letter, some residents say it has been some years now and there are no facilities such as school, dispensary, market place and a police station in their vicinity.

They are holding accountable their leaders including the chairman who they blame for not doing anything to address their concerns, contrary to what they pledged when soliciting their votes.

“Our children are vulnerable to all sorts of risks including child abuses because the schools are located a distant, away from the area,” said Christina Mchovu. She claims that they have been in the area for several years now and there is nothing coming up in terms of such basic social service.

Another resident told the ‘Daily News on saturday’ that if the authorities are not going to take any action right now to earmark land specific for such facilities, the open space will not be found since the exercise of disposing the land is in an unprecedented proportion. For any ward to achieve development, the four facilities in question are a prerequisite, they insisted. Where is the councillor to stop this sell of land haphazardly, asked another inhabitant in Chamazi?

If there is no one to intervene by calling a meeting to discuss some pertinent issues affecting our communities, we are heading for a serious disaster. But the Councillor for Chamazi, Mr John Gama clarified the matter saying that the Temeke Municipal Council had already surveyed the area and earmarked all the four facilities where they should seat. “It is not true that anyone can encroach the area which was set aside for such services, including market place, dispensary, schools and police station,” he said.

Regarding the facilities being far away from some residents, the reason is the rapid development of the area where the township has expanded so fast. Some residents feel that if the Chairmen were proactive in all six areas of Kiponza, Rufu, Kisewe, Bamia, Magengeni and Msufini which belong to Chamazi Ward, they should have convened a meeting to discuss the best way to find a location for the construction of these important facilities.

“We have never had any feedback on any development issues that our leaders had promised when vying for the constituency posts,” said a concerned citizen. In this case the councillor Mr John Gama and the Kisewe Chairman, Mr Shomvi are on the spot light. However, most people of Kisewe area are of the opinion that their chairman is not aggressive enough to remind the CCM party leaders and the councillor, on the importance of bringing development in the area.

When contacted to comment on the matter, the Chairman Mr Hamisi Shomvi said the residents’ complaints were unfounded. He told this paper that there were a lot of exaggerations. He is not ready to take the blame quashing the claims that he is mismanaging the resources that are generated by some business activities taking place in the area. For example, he said that there was no evidence whatsoever in regards to the selling of plots haphazardly.

He also clarified that what was realized from the levy that is charged on transactions involving selling of farms, which the chairman receives commission was meagre that cannot sustain any project such as building a school or dispensary. However, the residents are not buying that defence, saying that he was not transparent asking for the CCM leaders to launch an investigation on the matter.

Some residents said that they had already reported their concerns to the CCM Temeke District Office. “We have asked the CCM leadership to investigate the matter and find a replacement for us,” said one of the CCM members. Even more critical is that the residents are compiling evidence to share with the top party and government leadership to compel them to take action. Clarifying the matter the Chairman Mr Shomvi said that he was not surprised to hear all these criticisms.

But many people who have come out to criticize the chairman feel that he has to be replaced, urging the CCM district party leadership to take action. “If they leave him to continue ‘serving’ us no one should expect any changes and good life for everyone of us,” said a concerned resident Matata Matata. Some residents said that this was a litmus test for the party district leadership to listen to people’s complaints and take action.

“If the party will ignore our concerns, it should remain clear that the 2015 elections will be a nightmare for the party in our
area,” said another resident Mjanja Mjanja (not his real name). A survey by the ‘Daily News on Saturday’ in the area of Mbande locality has revealed a growing concern and dissatisfaction on Mr Shomvi’s leadership. People have also blamed him for not being serious and committed to the environment and security of his area.

Some residents said that he was not focused on his job, something that he denies. He added that there must be some people out there who don’t like him and he cannot satisfy everyone in the area. “I want to make it clear that the soil excavation activities has stopped long ago in my area, I have no authority to interfere in the neighbourhood,” said the Chairman. When contacted to comment on the matter the Kisewe CCM officials said that it was the people’s decision to petition against their leader so that another person may replace him.

“We are yet to receive such a petition.” Similar views were expressed by the councillor.”No one is protecting Mr Shomvi,” he said. Since the general feeling of the people in the area is that Mr Shomvi is not effective in his leadership, many have called upon the CCM leadership in the district to take action. It appears that the choice of the people will always prevail, no matter what.

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