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CCM and our destiny!

This is an old adage that was left to us by the founding father of this nation Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere when he said, “Chama legelege huzaa serikali legelege,” unofficially translated as a weak party breeds a weak government.

But President  Jakaya Kikwete went further last week when he bemoaned the state of corruption when he was talking after the electoral process of UWT that brought in back Sophia Simba to the helm. His statement ended up with despair when he said; if CCM would not change this corrupt attitude then CCM should rest in peace!

This time around, some bigwigs of CCM came out with piercing words which do not seem to be any more a cry in the wilderness as it used to be.  At first it was thought those making loud noises were the ones who lost in the electoral process.But their voices were credited when the Party Chairman was forced to call spade a spade.  Mr Frederick Sumaye, the former Prime Minister was the first whistle blower when he lost to Minister Dr Mary Nagu for the National Executive slot in Manyara.

His complaints were taken with a pinch of salt and he was accused of not using the laid down channels to address his grievances. This reminds me of the late Ditopile wa Mzuzuri by then Regional Commissioner of Lindi when he lost in the preliminaries in the Ilala constituency. He said “this is foolhardy to sell your rights by being paid for board and lodging and a few drinks.”

The youth under their UVCCM were expected to do better but it was disappointing when they came out openly with serious allegations and name calling, giving rise to serious cracks within the Party, denoting strong divisions inherent in the Party.  This could be the silhouette of the 2015 run up to the General Elections.For the first time, I heard the once firebrand ideologue of Chama cha Mapinduzi, Kingunge Ngombale Mwiru coming out strongly urging youths to take their rightful place in defending Chama Cha Mapinduzi policies.

Did I hear him correctly saying that the youths have lost direction? While CCM is engaged in refurbishing its seemingly lost lustre, there are still some die-hards who do not believe that the party is swimming in a deep pool of corruption.It was very interesting to hear from Channel Ten programme of “Hamza Kassongo Hour” recently when he was interviewing the Party-General Secretary Mr Wilson Mukama on the state of corruption in this country.

The TANU party creed which was adopted by CCM, that corruption is the evil of justice and that I will not receive or give bribe is said to be working!  Mr Mukama was at pain defending it while his boss, Party Chairman was a bit sceptical based on the recent party elections.  Indeed you need to have the courage of a mad man to stand firm defending anticorruption stance in this country.  After all, you can look at one’s face and can assess yourself if one is serious on what he is talking about in denial of corruption.

But how did we reach here?  Mwalimu Nyerere once queried “what was there at the State House where I see people going around pouring money so that they can win the electorates to send them to State House.  But how are you going to pay them?”However, it is not a question of only going to State House but even to the ward elections bribes is the order of the day.  This has been so significant this year.  Probably this is clearing the way for those aspiring to stand for presidency.

The youth league defeated candidates with their camps did not mince their words as they had placards decrying the bribery exercise. 
It was not known as at what time did they prepare these placards.  Did they know that they were going to be defeated?Some are calling the Party Chairman to nullify some of the results which strongly smack of corruption. But is that possible?   CCM has efficient machinery that can deal with all these complaints.

However the calibre of those complainants is top officials of CCM and they know very well the procedures. The President himself, the former Prime Minister and Kingunge Ngombale Mwiru know better how to do it, but why did they choose to take this cause?  Should we speculate that they have lost faith in the party machineries which are ideal for redressing those perceived to have been robbed of their votes due to corruption?

All in all, CCM should work to set their house in order lest they may find the going not easy.  Kingunge said it openly the upsurge of the Chadema with its M4C (Movement for change) is posing a serious challenge to CCM and yet the youth do not respond back.Now with this antagonism within the party brought by disputed results of elections from Woman Movement, Youth and also somehow the NEC; can there be any salvation? 

Where do we expect a strong voice to come from other than that of the Party Chairman?  I wish the Youth Commander the late Rajabu Diwani would have been here. There is still some time to recuperate if those vying for presidency would be cut to size to avoid more divisions within the Party; otherwise we should be ready for mene mene tekeli peresi(writings on the wall theory.)   


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Author: Kiangiosekazi Wa-Nyoka

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