Arusha to revive ‘Sister City’ relations

Arusha to revive ‘Sister City’ relations

The Municipal Mayor Mr Gaudence Lyimo revealed here that it was important to rekindle ‘sister city’ relations with other countries because such cooperation will enable exchange programmes aimed at giving local community groups exposure as well as education.

“Our country has been receiving monetary assistance from many developed countries but there is one area of assistance that we
have been overlooking; education through exchange programmes and this can be better achieved through reviving relations with our twin cities,” revealed the Mayor.

Arusha has sister city relations with the Durham City of North Carolina and Kansas City of Missouri, both in the United States, Mürzzuschlag City of Austria and Arhus City of Denmark while back on the African continent Arusha has twin-city relations with Tifariti City of Western Sahara, North Africa.

The Arhus City of Denmark for instance, has already provided Arusha with ambulances and fire-fighting equipment including trucks in series of donations dating back to the late nineties. A month ago, Mr Daniel Gonthier the Mayor of Bras-Panon commune in the department and region of Réunion Island, paid a courtesy call to the Arusha Municipal Mayor Mr Lyimo as well as the City Director, Mr Estomih Chang’a at the Municipal hall.

During their meeting, the two mayors agreed to start exchange programmes involving small scale farmers from the two parties and so far Arusha has started to identify peasants who will be going for the Reunion tour to learn more on advanced farming methods.

Arusha’s sister city relations slumped after the former Municipal Mayor, the late Philip Kivuyo who highly advocated such relationships left office in 2000. On the other hand the O’Neill family of Embaseni, Meru which originally came from the United States, has been working hard to sustain Arusha’s sister city relations with Kansas city.

Author: MARC NKWAME in Arusha

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