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Are you ready for the American dream?

Fortunately enough I have so many friends who have benefited from this lottery programmes, and most of my relatives and friends already live in the US. Since there is no doubt that I always visit the US, I have been able to convince people that the lottery which is announced every year by the US embassy as is the case this month, is not a hoax.

But the lottery which I had participated last year had some technical problems. It was not noticed by many people because some of us never follow up on our applications. On a serious note, once you apply for the lottery, make sure you retain your reference number. No one is going to notify you that you have won.

Once the announcement is made by the US government, you will have to visit their website, where the numbers of all the winners are posted, and use your reference to find out your status to find out whether you have won or not. However, the US embassy has clarified that last year there was a technical problem that delayed some of the results of the lottery, and therefore urged applicants this year to submit their applications as early as possible.

No one is going to blame you for your last hour submission, but it is likely it might congest the system and end up again with technical problems, of course this is my own observation. Please, do first things first. The US embassy Consular Specialist, Olivia Masimbusi, told the ‘Sunday News’ recently that the technical problem emerged after applicants had waited till the last minute to submit the lottery application forms electronically, which also delayed the announcement of their results.

“As a result of the technical problem, the lottery equipment had exceeded the quota for those who won the lottery for 2013 Diversity Visa programme due to technical breakdown, which had to be resolved, thus causing a slight delay,” she said. “However, those who applied early were not affected since their results came out on time,” she said, adding that it was advisable for people to start applying now. She also said that the entry submission period for DV-2014 is open now through 12 p.m.

EDT on November 3, 2012. “You can only submit one entry during this time period and only online. Entries will NOT be accepted through the mail or via courier,” she said. The Vice Consular, Leah Pillsbury clarified that it was an opportunity for Tanzanians to take their skills to the US, and use that opportunity to acquire more skills and bring them home at a certain point of time.

“Diversity programme does not earmark specific trade like nursing, medicine or any other rare profession, which one can point to brain drain since people from all walks of life are invited,” she explained. Research indicates that diversity brings experience to other nations, which is good to the economy, she said.

“As Americans we want to face challenges from the new comers who migrate to the US,” she said. Speaking on the mode of application she said that: “If you win the lottery, you pay for the visa application only at the U.S. Embassy in Dar es Salaam at the time of the visa interview. If anyone requests money to help you enter the lottery, please contact us.” She further said there was no fee to submit the online application.

She also advised people not send, pay, or transfer money to any organization or person who offers to assist them or increase their chance of winning the lottery. The Vice Consular underscored that the selection of the application through the lottery does not guarantee issuance of a visa. “If you win the lottery, you will still need an interview appointment and to see if you meet the requirements of U.S. immigration law,” she said.

She added that: “You can only apply for the Diversity Visa with your immediate family (spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21). If you apply with other people, your visa will be refused. If someone asks you to list other people on your application, please contact us. You do not have to give your name.” “List all your immediate family members on your application, even if they do not wish to emigrate.

Failure to do so will result in disqualification and refusal of all visas in your case at the time of the visa interview.” A statement issued by the embassy advises all Tanzanians to review the full instructions at the Department of State Consular Affairs’ web site, www.dvlottery. state.gov. It further stated that the U.S. Embassy in Dar es Salaam announces the opening of the 2014 Diversity Visa programme (DV- 2014) and invites all interested and qualified Tanzanians to apply for this immigration programme.

It also states that all those interested should contact them incase they have additional questions. “Please email us at DRSIV@ state.gov or call +255 22-229- 4122 any Mon - Thurs between 2 and 4 p.m. You can also visit our website: http://tanzania. usembassy.gov.” Why don’t you try your luck? What I have always heard since I was exposed about the lottery is that Tanzanians have not filled their quota for many years.

The reason is none other than the ambition to take adventures. Also, the lottery fee was somehow expensive to many, now it has been reduced to USD 330 per person. Mind you, never pay it to any agent. It is supposed to be paid when you emerge the winner and the transaction will be made through the US embassy in your country. But many youths are today interested in taking adventures and experiencing life in America, what everyone calls an American dream. Are you ready for the American dream?

IT was around 11am of July 16, 2015 ...


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