Are girls really naughtier?

Not convinced, he pestered me but I stuck to my guns. But after reading the news this week of two different scenarios of two schoolgirls one of whom resides in the United Kingdom while the latter was the girl who had a baby while sitting the primary school national exams I figured out maybe girls are more difficult to raise.

With the school girl from the UK she had runaway from home with her Maths teacher who is twice her age. For almost a week her poor parents were frantic as to where she could be. Apparently she was already having a hot affair with the teacher who was supposed to be teaching numbers and not romance. To make it even more intriguing the school had not informed the girl’s parents of the said affair which they seem to have known.

On the other hand the candidate from Kagera who turned out to be a mother has a sob story to tell. Her mother had passed away and she was living alone with her 85 year old grandmother in the village. She narrates that life was tough as she did odd jobs so as to meet her scholastic needs.

Then out of the blue a young man whose name or age was mentioned in the article pretending to be a Good Samaritan starts sleeping with the young girl and bought exercise books and pens of which she was most grateful for. Thinking she was in love it was all bliss for her until she found out that she was expecting and as you may guess the so called gentleman disappeared from the love scene.

But determined to finish school she hid the pregnancy until the baby in a twist of irony decided that the exam day was the best day for his grand arrival. Exploitation, ignorance, poverty and greed are reasons why our young daughters and sisters end up sleeping with older men.

Much as the two school girls are worlds apart the problem is still universal. The chances of the UK school girl continuing with her education are rather high; unfortunately for our Kagera girl her slim chances have been dashed. Parents, teachers, elder siblings and the community at large do we really sit down with our girls and teach them what they should know about sexual and reproductive issues? Or do we still hope that some unknown creature will help them and when the do fall pregnant we blame it on the fact that they are naughty? And for that matter you are not to blame!


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