You might be bright, but a brighter fellow exists

You might be bright, but a brighter fellow exists

DEAR nephew Milambo Greetings from this confused city. My dear nephew, I hope that by the grace of Limatunda you and your family are progressing well, and I hope the ancestors led by Chief Milambo are watching over you.

I hope too that the people in my beloved Ukumbisiganga are also enjoying protection from Liwelelo, and that everything is going according to their plans.

Here in the crazy city things are not bad, although the weather, just like the city itself, is very confusing, because during the day the sun can scorch like a hot iron, and at night the cold is terrible.

It has been several weeks now and we have not received any rain, which has made the city to be filled with dust, and sometimes it can drive you crazy.

But apart from that, everything is okay, and we thank Limatunda and the ancestors for protecting us, although your aunt was feeling under the weather a few days ago, but right now she is back to her normal self.

She sends her love to you and your family, and she told me to assure you that she is still planning to come over to assist your wife when the time comes for her to deliver.

She dragged me to the market the other day, and she almost wiped out a certain baby shop, because she bought so many baby stuff that I began to worry.

You see son, your aunt as you know her is a very loving creature, and she can give up everything just to make someone else happy, but sometimes this act, as noble as it is, comes with a price.

My worry that day when she went wild in a shopping spree for the coming baby was that she had just bought a piece of land somewhere in Bagamoyo, and as far as I was aware, her credit card was not that healthy.

Anyway, I thank Liwelelo because everything else went okay, so I should warn you in advance that when your aunt comes over, she will be dragging very heavy luggage behind her, because ever since she learned that your wife is pregnant, she has been doing some serious shopping.

About that piece of land I just mentioned earlier, it seems in this city people have become so cunning that it makes one fear living with some of these people.

You see, after we went to purchase that prime plot in Bagamoyo, four days later a neighbour who has built next to our plot called my wife and told her that we should make all effort and go over as fast as possible.

Your aunt told me about the message from the neighbour, so we entered the car and drove to Bagamoyo, not knowing what to expect.

It was around 5 pm when we arrived in Bagamoyo, and we were shocked when we found a lorry offloading sand on our piece of land, the one that your aunt had purchased, and next to the pile of sand were a good number of bricks, which means that someone was getting ready to start construction.

I could feel the Nyamwezi blood in my veins starting to boil at very dangerous levels as I asked the lorry driver what he was trying to do.

The driver, a certain fellow spotting a healthy pot belly and wearing a tight shirt told us that he was just following instruction, and that his boss was coming any time soon.

Your aunt was starting to panic as she talked to the neighbour who had called her, who was telling her that certain people came over and surveyed the land while she was away, and two days later lorries started appearing carrying sand and bricks.

We did not have long to wait, because a few minutes later a fellow driving a very flashy car pulled up, and from the passenger’s side was a woman whom we guessed was his wife.

The lorry driver told us that the fellow was the one who had ordered for sand to be delivered at his site, which happened to be exactly the plot which your aunt had bought a few days earlier.

I was about to run for the fellow’s throat, but your aunt calmed me down. The fellow and his wife came over and greeted us. I glared at him and asked him what he was doing at my plot, and the fellow looked at me as if I had just escaped from a mental facility and he was forced to take me back.

He told me that he had bought the place from the owner, who according to him was a young banker who inherited it from his late father who had lived in the area all his life.

My dear son, to cut a very long story short, that fellow was conned by a certain chap who even gave him ‘genuine’ documents, which eventually turned out to be very well made fakes.

My dear boy, according to this fellow, he was even taken by the ‘owner’ to the homestead of the village chairman, where a tattered ruling party flag was blowing in the wind from the roof top.

And this is after the fake owner introduced him to another neighbour, who told him that he has been living in the area all his years, and that he was a very good friend to the late father of the owner.

My dear boy, apart from the documents he was given being fake, it turned out he was taken to a fake village chairman and a fake neighbour.

“He even had a wife and four children, and there were two goats and a number of chicken roaming around the compound,” claimed the fellow after we decided to go to the ‘village chairman’ and found the house abandoned with no sign of life.

He was shocked further when the neighbour who had called my wife told him that the house has been empty for close to a year, and it belonged to a certain fellow who passed away and his only son decided to move to the city.

You might be bright, but a brighter fellow exists

DEAR nephew Milambo Greetings from this confused ...


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