300 set for 'Mr Right' as it goes next level

300 set for 'Mr Right' as it goes next level

STAR Media has officially launched the third edition of Mr Right, a drama series, and reality show based on a courtship with aim to guide the youth on choosing the right life partner.
Over 300 models have been listed to participate in the event that marks its third edition this year.

The organisers told reporters yesterday that Mr Right pageant enlightens bachelors how to find a committed partner who will offer happiness to their spouse for the rest of their lives.
Speaking during the launch at Serena Hotel in the city, the event’s organiser from the StarTimes David Malisa said this year’s Mr Right is exceptional as it will bring a good number of innovations.

 Also the firm’s Marketing Manager, Malisa explained that the third session of Mr Right is officially christened ‘Kazi Kwako’ and it will be aired today at 10:00pm on Star Times’ St Bongo channel.

The Marketing Manager said there are 22 episodes this time. The fourth episode will contain dramas that show realities aiming to help youths to get the right people in their future.

 “In the first session, there were 15 episodes and for the second session had 15 episodes and lastly for the third session that combines 22 episodes; this shows that Mr right has taken a step ahead helping the participants to get the right partners,” added Malisa.
While addressing the achievements, he also said that the third session will be accompanied with five guests including prominent guests, public figures and celebrities who will share different experiences about marriage that will motivate the participants to choose the right partners.

The Content Creator and Director, Operations and Strategy Consultant of St Bongo under Star Media, Ramadhani Msemo said  more than 300 people have been  registered so far.
He said there were 241 people during the second session.

On his part, the Mr Right host, Godfrey Rugarabamu said the committee will make sure that the ladies status is known before one gets a partner.

“In the past sessions the lady's profiles were low key, but for now, we have decided to come up with publicising their profiles as an easy way for them to get the partners earlier,” he said.

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