Southern highlands farmers told to capitalise on CPB deal

Southern highlands farmers told to capitalise on CPB deal

THE Southern Highlands farmers are set to benefit from crop purchase agreements through the Cereals and Other Produce Board (CPB), which will be processed for value addition before being exported to the regional markets.

The CPB Director General, Dr Anselm Moshi said at the ongoing Agriculture Exhibition – Nanenane Mbeyaregion on tuesday that CPB want all produce by the farmers fetch good huge prices and he encouraged them to continue farming profitably.

“We already have a large network of grain markets in all East African countries, especially Comoro, Zambia, Kenya, Congo, Zimbabwe, Europe and other countries to sell the products of Tanzanian farmers,” he said.

Dr Moshi said that their participation in the farmers’ exhibition gives assurance to farmers on the existence of a large market and that the board has made huge investments in eight factories to process and add value to their crops.

Dr Moshi said they intend to see how farmers and agricultural stakeholders realise the responsibilities of CPB, including the measurement services, transport and storage of the crops in high quality in the regions of Songwe, Iringa, Mwanza, Arusha, Dodoma, Ruvuma and others.

He mentioned some of the crops that have been collected and processed as wheat flour, maize flour, rice, sunflower, cooking oil, and cashew nuts,all in different quantities.

A sunflower farmer from Chunya district who participates in the exhibition, Gwantwa Mwambene said that such an exhibition is an opportunity for them to identify the market opportunities for their products.

“Through this board, I have found out that we have a big market for our crops, so I encourage my fellow farmers to take advantage of this opportunity to make cultivation through modern technologies to boost output and earnings,” she said.

In addition, she said that the CPB entering into a contract with farmers is an assurance that their products have a reliable market that is a great benefit for them.

She requested CPB to reach rural areas to raise awareness among farmers and encourage them to have market assurance for their crops as well as start joint businesses.



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