Japan executes Akihabara mass murderer

Japan executes Akihabara mass murderer

Japan has executed a 39-year-old man who killed seven people in Tokyo in 2008 during a stabbing rampage.

Tomohiro Kato committed one of the most shocking mass murders in the country's recent history.

He was 25 when he drove a truck into a lunch-time crowd of pedestrians at Akihabara shopping district, killing three people.

He then stabbed passers-by with a dagger, killing four and wounding eight.

He was apprehended by police at the scene and later admitted his crimes in his trial, saying he had been angered by online bullying.

The crime sparked much debate in Japanese society at the time over random killings, online influence and the failures in mental health support for young people. Laws on knife ownership were also tightened in response.

On Tuesday, eight years after Kato was sentenced to death, the government confirmed it had ordered his execution.

"The case has been fully tried in the courts and the courts' final conclusion was the death sentence... I have taken the greatest care possible in considering this case," Justice Minister Yoshihisa Furukawa said at a press conference.

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Author: BBC

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