Renovate arenas ahead  of 2022/23 league season

Renovate arenas ahead of 2022/23 league season

PRE-SEASON is a lucrative moment whereby teams spare ample time to fasten their seatbelts in readiness of the approaching season so that when it flags off, everything should be well placed.

This gives an opportunity for new and old players to mix up, know each other well, and most importantly, they get to understand the playing patterns of each other, thereby making the true meaning of working as a team.

Likewise, if a team has new technical bench members, preseason gives them a chance to fully understand the players in all aspects ranging from behaviour, hard work, interaction with others and a lot of things.

As such, a pre-season is simply a depth topic which is a complete package hence the better one uses it, the better they become when the season officially kick-off, as the whole team is ready to work together.

Another good thing about pre-season is that clubs get the chance to win new fans and widen up their popularity since many people become aware of the team.

This is possible because in most cases, pre-seasons are done at new places, making it easy for residents of that place to fall in love with their team.

For instance, most European clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Barcelona, and many others conduct their pre-season drills in Asian nations purposely to hook new fans as they know that every year, a new generation emerges. Winning new fans is what makes clubs to be big.

A team may not be performing well on the pitch but their popularity never fades away due to the fact that they have already done a good job to attract them.

Tanzanian clubs are also making good use of pre-season by going to different places either within or outside the country for the sake of sorting themselves together before the commencement of the new league campaign.

This is a good move and for those teams which opt to pitch pre-season outside the country, they need to be hailed because going abroad, as already stated, enables a club to generate a new fanbase.

For instance, Simba are in Egypt and they expect to be there for at least three weeks meaning that throughout this period, aside from improving the atmosphere in the squad, they are also expanding their popularity.

It was convincing to see that after their friendly match against Ismaily of Egypt, many reporters came to conduct interviews with players and some members of the technical panel meaning that Simba’s presence was broadcast across and beyond Egypt.

In the same token, for those teams which cannot afford to go outside the country for preseason, they can still make it big by opting to invade a particular region and do their preparations peacefully.

As such; no matter which destination you choose for a camp, the focal point of building the team should never be taken for granted because that is the most important thing since it helps a lot to begin the season on a gas pedal.

Ahead of the hectic Premier League season, time is here to ensure that playing pitches at different league hosting venues are improved to let the beautiful game be staged in friendly arenas.

It does not make sense to have a fruitful pre-season either within or beyond the borders and when the marathon begins, pitches are in bad condition, ending up with players succumbing to injuries which may keep them out of action for sometimes hence affecting the general performance of their respective teams.

A lot of effort should be channeled towards face-lifting playing arenas, especially pitches to go along with massive investment packages in the league bearing in mind that the country’s premier league is among the priceless on the continent.

It was encouraging to see that the Tanzania Premier League Board (TPLB) recently named seven venues to undergo improvement which are Mkwakwani Stadium in Tanga, Sokoine Stadium in Mbeya, Ilulu Stadium in Lindi, Ushirika Stadium in Moshi, Mabatini Stadium in the Coast Region, Jamhuri Stadium in Dodoma and Nyankumbu Stadium in Geita.

These venues have since been rendered unfit to host league matches in the approaching season until they are refurbished and impress the inspection committee of the board, a development which is great to digest.

However, pundits have raised eyebrows on Jamhuri Stadium saying what was the essence behind the installation of floodlights at the arena to make it capable of hosting night league games instead of using the cost to upgrade the pitch first.

All in all, the development of the country’s football requires the interaction of both government and the private sectors including individuals because all are sailing in the same boat as such, if it manages to reach safety to the other side, it will be a relief to all those on board.


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