Fight for medals to  end 16-year hunger

Fight for medals to end 16-year hunger

WITH high hopes to win medals after a 16-year wait, all eyes are on the eighteen athletes heading to Birmingham, England, the venue of this year’s Commonwealth Games.

Having trained intensively, as was confirmed by the head of the delegation, Henry Tandau, we believe in the athletes to achieve the goal this time.

The athletes going must know how Tanzanians feel when their envoys fail to win a single medal in the event we previously shined.

The athletes should know that Tanzania won its last Club Games gold in Melbourne, Australia in 2006 through Samson Ramadhan and it will be in England where Tanzania also won the marathon gold through Francis Naali in 2002.

Tanzania has won 21 medals since the founding father of the nation; Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere turned the then young Tanzania into an ‘Omnisports’ nation, the legacy that still holds water today when our athletes are heading to Birmingham.

We call on the athletes to wage a brave fight and bring us medals since if you achieve that you will promote athletics and lure many others to follow you.

The well-trained team of athletes, boxers, judokas and swimmers is our only hope and we wish them luck in their tough mission.

There are many lessons here for the sports that have lost popularity in recent years, most notably athletics, netball, hockey, and handball. It is not too late, the organisations and personalities managing sports in the country need to go back to the drawing board and find out where things are not going right as they used to ten years ago.

In countries where they know what it takes to compete at the highest level, athletes start to be prepared from a very young age and Tanzania must not allow them to be left behind.

Our players and athletes are always not ready for the big tournaments because in most previous cases we did not prepare them well enough.

If we did, it would help the national teams and we have to have continuity in everything that we do if the country is to be able to survive in this increasingly competitive world.

We see boxing glorious era coming back

COMBINED efforts are needed to ...

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