Sri Lanka protesters reject all-party gov’t, want Rajapaksas out

Sri Lanka protesters reject all-party gov’t, want Rajapaksas out

Protesters say no to an all-party government being discussed by politicians, saying it will be a way for the ‘Rajapaksa cartel’ to remain in power.

Tens of thousands of Sri Lankan protesters have been occupying the President’s House, the presidential secretariat and the prime minister’s official residence in growing anger over the island nation’s unprecedented economic crisis.

The chaos began on Saturday when angry Sri Lankans stormed the official residence of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, a 73-year-old member of the powerful Rajapaksa clan whom protesters blame for the country’s worst economic crisis since 1948.

Rajapaksa is expected to officially resign on Wednesday. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has also offered to quit once an interim all-party government being discussed among the political parties to resolve the crisis is formed.

However, protesters have rejected an all-party government and said they will not vacate the government buildings until the president and the prime minister officially resign.

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