SUMAJKT marks 41st anniversary with success

SUMAJKT marks 41st anniversary with success

NATIONAL Service economic wing, SUMAJKT has provided employment to more than 16,000 Tanzanian youths through its various companies.

Speaking to journalists in Dar es Salaam over the weekend SUMAJKT Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Colonel Petro Ngata said they were going to celebrate its 41st anniversary with a remarkable achievement.

"SUMA JKT is celebrating 41 years since its establishment with major successes including training young and employment to Tanzanians," he said.

He said SUMAJKT was able to set up companies that continue to provide employment and services to the community.

"Basically we are proud to celebrate 41 years as we have been able to contribute to the JKT operations running costs and contribute to the country's economy," he said.

Mr Ngata said at the 41st anniversary of SUMAJKT which starts on Wednesday June 29 this year will coincide with the 46th international trade fair.

Furthermore, he said the event will be graced by the Defence and National Service Minister, Dr Stergomena Tax.

"This 41st anniversary of the success of SUMAJKT will be held for three days and culminate on July 1, 2022 where we will have a demonstration of the various activities carried out by SUMAJKT through its companies," he said.

He said SUMAJKT has more than 16 companies operating services in the agricultural sector including fisheries and livestock, construction which include engineering and consultancy, and manufacturing - trade and services.

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