Govt unveils new hires

Govt unveils new hires

THE government has employed 17,412 new health workers and teachers in efforts to reduce the shortage of the professionals in the two key social sectors.

The recruitment of the cadres follows the issuance of an employment permit by President Samia Suluhu Hassan in April, this year which allowed recruitment of  9,800 primary and secondary school teachers and 7,612 health workers.

The Minister of State in the President's Office (Regional Administration and Local Government – PO-RALG), Innocent Bashungwa said in Dodoma  yesterday that  the  government has already employed 17, 412 qualified health workers and teachers and assigned them to their respective work stations.

Mr Bashungwa said the distribution of health professionals and teachers has taken into account the needs of the workers in the respective regions. 

"The allocation of new health workers has considered the needs of  councils with new health facilities which have been completed but could not start operations due to lack of qualified health staff and councils with critical shortage of the professionals," Mr Bashungwa said.

On teachers' distribution, the minister said that the allocation considered   the needs in every subject and level of education based on the permit requirements.

He said the number of applicants for health professionals who met the criteria and assigned work stations was 6,876 of whom 3,217 were women equivalent to 46.8 per cent and 3,659 men equivalent to 53.2 per cent and 42 people with disabilities.

Minister Bashungwa noted that 736 positions in health lacked qualified applicants, thus they will be re-advertised in order to fill the vacant posts.

He said in the education sector, a total of 9,800 applicants met the criteria and were successfully assigned work stations.

The minister detailed that out of 9,800 applicants, 5000 teachers were assigned to primary schools while 4,800 were assigned to secondary schools, including 261 teachers with disabilities.

Mr Bashungwa explained that the government has given priority to science teachers by employing 76 per cent of the 4,800 employment positions for secondary school teachers.

The minister urged new employees to report to council directors in their respective work stations with their national identification cards, birth certificates and academic certificates for verification before being offered employment letters.

He also directed employers to ensure that they submit all the academic certificates to the National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA) for verification and report to the ministry in case of forged certificates for further actions.

Mr Bashungwa warned that legal measures will be taken against any employee who will receive subsistence allowance and fail to report to their respective work station as directed.

"New employees who will not report to their work stations within 14 days after the announcement of the jobs will automatically lose the posts and will be filled by other applicants with qualifications," he said.

He called upon teachers who are in employment and new ones to ensure that they teach students professionally with adherence to academic calendar. He equally implored health workers to serve citizens by adhering to laws, regulations and guidelines governing provisions of better health services in the country.

The minister commended President Samia for her commitment to provide free education to allow the majority of Tanzanians to have access to education from pre-primary school to advanced level, a move that necessitated the need for employing more teachers and expanding infrastructure.

He said that since President Samia assumed the highest office, she has facilitated the construction of 15,000 classrooms through the International Monetary Fund (IFM) loan and issued the permits for the recruitment of 9,800 teachers and 7612 health professionals.

In the 2020/2021 financial year, the government employed 23,000 workers in the health and education sectors.

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