UDSM proud of it's investment in artistry

UDSM proud of it's investment in artistry

INCREASING youth competition in the job market has been the primary driving force for the growth of the art industry and the increasing rate of best-performing artists in different spheres of ar

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Research of the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM), Prof Bernadeta Killian, revealed this during the opening of the fifth art and talent festival.

Prof Kilian said the fine art college has seen many talented young competing in the art world and saw the importance of developing their talent as it opens the door to more opportunities for youth to employ themselves and proudly wave the national flag globally 

She said that art will make UDSM a world-class public university by 2061 since it nurtures young talents to be creative.

“The college cannot be world-class if it does not produce creative young people who can be self-employed or employed in the art market in the country and abroad.

Thus UDSM vision shows that by 2061 we will have produced more talents and will change the country's economy as they will be self-employed and employ others," said Prof Killian.

She further noted the University of Dar es Salaam will keep on supporting Sanaa Blast Festival by allocating funds to the campus, which will provide assistance to the students to demonstrate their talents in various arts like singing, theatre and traditional dances.

Commenting on the success of the arts and design department, Prof Kilian said the Bongo Star Search (BSS) 2021/202 winner, Yohana Mwayinga studied at the creative arts department of the college of humanities, is part of the winning ambassadors of the University 

She added that the Miss Tanzania 2022 fifth runner, Beatrice Alex, is a UDSM product as well.

“We have been doing well in the film industry, for example, the short film that won last year at the Sanaa Blast Festival known as 'Room No 61' has been selected for the Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) that will be held next month," Prof Killian said 

On his part, the Head of the Department of Creative Arts at UDSM, Kedmon Mapana, said there was improvement as more than 300 students had an opportunity to showcase their different arts and those who surpassed took various awards compared to last year, where the participants were 10.

He said the festival aims to showcase artistic skills and talents to prepare them for the job market competition, nurture and stimulate creative talent for college students.

  Either to connect student artists with arts industry stakeholders or awarding students who did well.



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Author: Dativa Minja

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