USAID releases $25m to support a nutritional program in Tanzania

USAID releases $25m to support a nutritional program in Tanzania

THE US agency for International Development (USAID) has injected 25 million US dollars to support 'Mboga na Matunda' program that seek to improve nutritional status among thousands of Tanzanians.

USAID Mission Director Kate Somvongsiri said in a statement that the program is being implemented under the USAID's feed the future campaign.

She said the US Government has been partnering with the Tanzanian government in unlocking the potential of Tanzania’s agriculture sector which contributes nearly one-third of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and employs 75 per cent of the nationals

“Over the last five years, the Feed the Future Mboga na Matunda activity collaborated with the government of Tanzania to improve planting, growing, and irrigation techniques; and improved seed variety and nutrition education for over 874,000 clients, of which 58% were youth,” 

Adding, “the activity also expanded the network of buyers and sellers of agriculture products; ultimately strengthening the overall capacity of the horticulture industry,” she said.

According to her, the direct result of the activity’s interventions, micro, small, and medium enterprises in horticulture invested more than 154 million US Dollars in horticulture and sold goods and services worth 373 million US Dollars.


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