Employers urged to promote inclusive employment

Employers urged to promote inclusive employment

VARIOUS stakeholders have pointed out that despite the existence of a law that addresses the rights of people with disabilities in employment; many employers still do not provide opportunities for them.

Tanzania Federation of Disabled People’s Organisations (SHIVYAWATA) said this over the weekend in Dar es Salaam in a meeting with some media editors to enlighten them on the law of inclusive employment for the group.

Among the stakeholders who spoke was advocate Novath Rukwago who disclosed  that the law on people  with disabilities recognised them since  the  Arusha  declaration,  and  was  amended  in 2010 providing   opportunity for every employer to provide employment to people with disabilities.

“This law, sections 31-34, states that people with a disability with criterion to work have right to be employed and the employer must create a friendly environment for them to pursue their duties. It also authorises the Employment Commissioner to go anywhere and ask if there are any disabled people employed,” he disclosed.

He said the challenge is that many employers do not have enough knowledge of the law and are emotionally afraid without   knowing the reality thinking that it is costly to employ with disabilities.

Shivyawata board member who is also the Coordinator of the Tanzania Association of the Deaf (CHAVITA) Lupi Maswanya said there are students with disabilities who have graduated from various colleges are  on the streets unemployed  due  to the  situation  caused by  that  habit of some  employers.

And  urged  that   agents dealing   in  searching   for jobs   for people  could  be  of help   to  people  with  disabilities  in their job  search or  field work without   discriminating  them as they are part of the community as well.

Maswanya  added  that  people with disabilities who are educated and have the qualifications and criteria for employment  faced   various  challenges  in their process of  seeking  employment  especially when  they  appeared  in  interviews  they  disqualified due to their  physical appearance.

On his part  the General Secretary of the Tanzania Albinism Society, (TAS) Mussa Kabimba said there is  a weak implementation of the employment law for  people with  disabilities  as  the  law  enforcers  still failed to see  the  law  is  fulfilled.

Also he disclosed in the private sector the issue of employment of people with disabilities  has not been addressed to a large extent  compared  to the public sector which  however  is  a bit  struggling  to fulfill  the  law.

Hidaya Alawi, a representative of the Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Tanzania (ASBAHT) said the challenge is that   there is no law that required a person with a disability to be employed that is why many employers do not employ them.


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