Advocacy group wants tough actions on price saboteurs

Advocacy group wants tough actions on price saboteurs

AN advocacy group which has dedicated itself defending good deeds of President Samia Suluhu Hassan has urged her lieutenants in central and local governments to tighten the noose on businesspersons who hike prices of commodities at the expense of ordinary citizens.

The National Secretary of the group known as ‘Jicho la Mama Samia,’ Mr Shaweji Mkumburu, commented that even in the era of free market economy there was a need to set ceiling of prices on essential commodities to protect consumers against exploitation by some unscrupulous businesspersons.

The call by the advocacy by the group was contained in a statement issued to journalists during a news conference held in Dar es Salaam yesterday.

Mr Mkumburu said they were worried that if left unchecked dishonest businessperson, particularly retailers, could continue hurting the common people with spiraling prices of goods and services amid the recent decision by President Samia to increase salaries for civil servants.

His sentiments were echoed by the Chairman of the group, Mr Abdallah Mangala, who urged trade officers in local government authorities to make close follow up of increasing prices of commodities in their areas.

“President Samia has shown a good will by increasing salaries of public servants after almost seven years but there are some traders who are bent on making advantage of the increment by hurting ordinary persons.

“Many retailers are selling goods at prices higher than those prescribed by manufacturers of respective products. For instance, bottled water which is supposed to be sold for 500/- is now exchanging hands at 600/- per bottle, this is not fair,” he lamented.

Nevertheless, the group hailed President Samia for championing the launching of the Royal Tour documentary which is crucial for opening up the country trough tourism, trade and investment opportunities across the globe.

“We all know that tourism is the leading earner of foreign exchange in Tanzania and thus the documentary will attract more backpackers to come and visit our tourist attractions,” Mr Mkumburu stated.

He as well praised President Samia for releasing 100bn/- from the Treasury coffers as a stabilization fund to cushion the economy against hiking prices of fuel in the local market caused by rising prices of the commodity in the world market in the wake of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

For his part, Mr Mangala took swipe against prophets of doom who fail to appreciate the efforts by President Samia in carrying on with all strategic development projects left behind by her predecessor the late President John Magufuli.

“Ms Samia is doing well in her presidency and if there are issues going astray we shall not hesitate to offer recommendations to address them,” he stressed.

Mr Mangala pointed further that promotion of civil servants in different cadres and the recent announcement of salary increment shows that President Samia cares for Tanzanians.


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