PM Majaliwa: Strategies in place to improve health, nursing services

PM Majaliwa: Strategies in place to improve health, nursing services

PRIME Minister Mr Kassim Majaliwa has said the government has put in place and will continue to put in place various strategies, including increasing the budget of the Ministry of Health, to improve health services including those provided by nurses across the country.

The Prime Minister made the assurance on Thursday here, in a speech read on his behalf by Minister for Social Development, Gender, Elderly, Children and Special Groups, Dr Dorothy Gwajima, during the International Nurses Day occasion which was celebrated at national level in Kilimanjaro region.

“The services provided by nurses are very important and have no precedent or comparison; they collaborate with doctors, laboratory technicians and other health professionals in providing essential health services to patients and sometimes regardless of their working time limits.

"There are many examples that are a testament to their noble commitments to community and the latest example is recently when the world was hit by the Covid-19 epidemic, whereby nurses worldwide worked without fear to save the lives of many and there are reports others (nurses) lost their lives while committing themselves,” he said.

Prime Minister Majaliwa commended the Tanzania National Nurses Association (TANNA) leadership for continuing to encourage nurses while at the same time continuing to advise them to continue working with professionalism and integrity.

"I am also deeply moved by TANNA’s trend of monitoring the challenges facing nurses and providing guidance on how to address them so as to ensure the cadre is improved”, he added.

In his address, Prime Minister Majaliwa expressed his dismay at the challenges facing nurses which were presented to him by the nurses during the occasion through the statement presented to him by the Secretary General of TANNA; the Prime Minister said that he had already provided directives to have them addressed by relevant authorities.

"I gave directives relating to some of these challenges including that of the administrative structure regarding nurses profession in 2017 in Lindi region, it is very sad to see that they are still being presented as challenges”, he said.

He directed the relevant authorities in the public service office to work with their counterparts in the health ministry to ensure a speedy solution regarding the administrative structure as well as the administration structure so as to further improve the nursing cadre in the country.

 “Make sure that you work round the clock and submit the report on the implementation of this directive before the end of the ongoing parliamentary budget session”, he said.

Commenting on the quality of training for the nursing cadre, PM Majaliwa said the area is very important whereby he directed the health ministry to sit down with the educational experts to see on how best to strengthen the trainings of nurses based on the uniqueness of the nursing profession.

He also asked them to look at how professional councils would be able to manage the quality of colleges, tutors and other trainers as they were the ones who better understand the needs and educational standards of the nursing profession.

In his statement, the TANNA General Secretary, Mr Sebastian Luziga, said that despite efforts to ensure that Tanzanians have access to quality health care, the current structure of governance regarding health services had a significant impact on access to quality community health services.

“This is because in the current structure part of the policy and operational decision-making recognises only one cadre of health service providers; we urge changes concerning this area”, he said.

He addressed another challenge as that of the poor supervision in some of the nursing and midwifery training sectors, a situation which he said led to the existence of unqualified graduates who did not have enough skills and expertise to meet the needs of the people.

Author: HECKTON CHUWA in Moshi

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