Govt launches inclusive educations strategy 

Govt launches inclusive educations strategy 

THE government Friday launched the National Strategy for Inclusive Education 2021/22-2025/2026, a committed approach of inclusive education and creation of inclusive educational communities.

Launching the strategy here Friday, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Prof Eliamani Sadoyeka, said the move aims at ensuring that all students are enrolled and actively participate in regular educational settings.

He said with the needed educational infrastructure present in schools, the five year strategy  intend to engage students from all walks of life, regardless  of their diverse backgrounds and abilities, without discrimination.

Prof Sadoyeka said since independence the country has given a special attention in access to education thus inclusive education is in context on contributing towards building inclusive society, a norm in the country education system rather than the accompaniment from preschool to higher learning levels.

“The new national strategy for Inclusive Education sets direction for further development of education of learners with special education needs in the basis of the principles, theoretical and practical achievements in developing the potential of both targeted categories and society at large” he insisted.

Prof Sadoyeka said the policy environment in the country promotes and guides the equitable provision of quality education in order to reduce and eventually eliminates disparities in access to education of disadvantaged groups.

The launched strategy has accommodated inclusive education from pre-school, primary, secondary, teachers college, technical and vocational training institutes, focal development colleges. Adult education, informal education and higher learning schools.

The Permanent Secretary said the new inclusive education strategy has paid special focus to those with special needs so that they can be incorporated in technical skills since pre-school level.

Under the programme, he said, the government will amend the education policy so that it caters for the inclusive education so that it meets the criteria and standards set for students with special needs.

It will also take into account the infrastructures and equipment for students with special needs.

On his part, Mr Peter Ndomondo from the regional administration and local government ministry dealing with primary said they plan to have one school for inclusive education in every ward countrywide.

Commissioner of Education, Lyambene Mtahaba said the government strive to ensure access to quality education to every country child is fundamental right for bring in socio-economic development.

“The mission of inclusive education is to address issues of social justice, inequality and human rights” he insisted.

On her part, Director of Special education in the ministry, Ms Magreth Matonya said the strategy context is to make inclusive education more effective in attaining optimal education and social outcomes particularly for learners with special education needs.

“It has been clear that by educating all learners together, those with special education needs have the opportunity to prepare for life in the community, educators improve their professional skills and society makes the conscious decision to operate according to the social value of equity and equality for all people” said Ms Matonya.

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Author: NELLY MTEMA in Dodoma

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