NIT airline pilot programme earns Govt applause

NIT airline pilot programme earns Govt applause

The Deputy Minister for Works and Transport, Atupele Mwakibete has applauded the National Institute of Transport (NIT) training programme for pilots that will officially commence this year saying it would help improve manpower in the sub-industry.

The planned pilot training programme would start before December this year, pending the arrival of three aircraft that are to be purchased under the World Bank-funded East Africa Skills for Transformation and Regional Integration Project (EASTRIP).

Speaking shortly after his first tour to the NIT since his appointment as Deputy Minister in Dar es Salaam on Wednesday, Mwakibete said, “NIT has done a great job in preparing pilot programme that will help satisfy the industry with competent manpower. The good news is that they are now in final touches to start offering the courses.”

He added, “The government is currently continuing purchasing aircrafts and implementing major projects in transport industry therefore we need enough manpower for the projects.”

“Therefore, the ministry of works and transport’s dream is to see NIT continuing to produce competent graduates capable of performing various professional functions and activities in the transport sector,” he noted.

“I also salute the Institute’s achievement in enrolment of students from 500 students for the past 10 years to over 12,000 students this year,” he said.

On his part, NIT Rector Prof Zacharia Mganilwa said, “We have done all procedures to commence offering the training programme for pilots our planning is to kick off before the end of this year.”

“What we are waiting for now is only aircraft that will land in the country in July or August,” he said.

Prof Mganilwa has further said that a pilots training course cost up to 200m/- in foreign institutions but at NIT, a similar course on pilots training will cost only 70m/- a year.”

Currently, Tanzania has a 60 per cent shortage of aircraft manpower - a shortage that is being filled by expatriates.

However, Prof Mganilwa went further revealing that the mega projects that NIT is currently looking to implement in Lindi and Dodoma, saying: “In Lindi, we have secured a land that the Institute will build a marine college that will support the blue economy.

In Dodoma, we have planned to establish Railway College that will train students on railway courses that would also build the wagons.”

Meanwhile, in promoting the blue economy, the Institute has also introduced a diploma programme on shipbuilding and repair and a Bachelor’s Degree in Shipping and Port Logistics Management (BSPLM) as well as a bachelor’s degree in naval architecture aiming at producing local technicians and engineers who will be capable on building ships.

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