TOC expresses delight to ties with China

TOC expresses delight to ties with China

TANZANIA Olympic Committee (TOC) has expressed its delight of bilateral cooperation with China in sports.

TOC President Gulam Rashid said the two friendly countries have been cooperating for many decades.

He added Tanzania has benefitted immensely from their Chinese friends through sports expertise and facilities.

"We have also been supported by the Chinese in constructing various sports facilities for our athletes to develop their careers here in Zanzibar Mji," said the former national (Taifa Stars) football coach.

He cited Zanzibar's Amaan Stadium as one of the sports facilities built by Chinese experts.

"This stadium was built by the Chinese in the 1970s and can accommodate 15,000 spectators," he said while in Zanzibar.

He added that China also assisted Zanzibar in constructing the Mao Tse Tung Stadium.

"We appreciate the assistance given by the Chinese in sports development. We have good cooperation with the Chinese people and the Chinese government not only in sports but also in education, health and economy," he was quoted as saying by a Chinese news agency, Xinhua.

Rashid said most African countries enjoy good cooperation with China in sports, education, health and economy.

He has also wished China a successful Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games that kick off next month.

"We are looking forward to a successful Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics like the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games," said Gulam Rashid, president of the Tanzania National Olympic Committee.

Rashid told Xinhua on Monday in his office in Zanzibar that Tanzania fully supported China in hosting the Winter Olympic Games. However, the East African nation will not participate because it does not have winter games.

"Since the Beijing Summer Olympics 2008 in which Tanzania participated was successful, we are 100 per cent confident that the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will also be successful," said Rashid, 70.

Rashid, who has authored a book in Kiswahili entitled: The Best Football Coach, urged countries worldwide to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022, saying the Olympics played a crucial role in uniting nations of the world.

"Olympic Games enable athletes to meet so many people from different cultures worldwide. As a result, almost all countries in the world take part in Olympic Games," said Rashid.

Asked about some politicians, especially in the West, who are calling for boycotting the Beijing Winter Olympics, Rashid said: "We should not entertain politics in sports because this will be a disadvantage to the athletes and countries as well."

He insisted that politics should not be entertained in the Winter Olympic Games or other international games. 

On Jan 22, Tanzania's Zanzibar President Hussein Ali Mwinyi voiced his support for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics via social media, wishing it a great success.

"I am looking forward to the successful convening of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games. The Olympic Games is a sports festival for all humankind, so it shouldn't be politicised and should stay away from politics," he said.

"It is only via respecting the Olympic spirit and transcending politics that we can finally realise the mission for global unity and the Olympic creed and motto: faster, higher, and stronger," Mwinyi added.

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