Majaliwa drums for  investment in Tanzanite  value addition

Majaliwa drums for investment in Tanzanite value addition

PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa has called on Tanzanians to tap the opportunities presented by Tanzanite value addition and trading for their individual and national eco- nomic prosperity.

Speaking when touring an area set aside for investment at Mirerani small town under the Export Processing Zone Authority (EPZA), Mr Majaliwa said Tanzanians should put together concerted efforts and make the world know that the rare Tanzanite gem is produced only in Tanzania.

“Tanzanians should be encouraged to utilise the opportunities which exist at the Mirerani EPZA for their own and the country’s economic prosperity,” said Mr Majaliwa on Wednesday while speaking to the residents of the area during his tour to inspect development projects in Manyara Region.

The PM reaffirmed the commitment of the government to continue supporting them to smoothly carry out the business at all times.

He added: “The government has already put in place a conducive environment for value addition of the precious and rare gemstone.”

Similarly, the PM said the government will ensure all resources found in the country, including Tanzanite minerals, benefit all Tanzanians especially those living in areas where they are available.

Mr Majaliwa noted further that they will continue collaborating with mineral traders in order to come up with strategies which will foster growth of the sector to continue boosting its productivity among Tanzanians and the nation as a whole.

For his part, the Deputy Minister for Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development, Mr Ridhiwani Kikwete, pledged to closely supervise the on-going construction at the EPZA area for its timely completion to start offering the intended services to Tanzanians with an interest to invest.

Earlier, the PM also inspected another Tanzanite market identified as Tanzanite Forever Lapidary and witnessed various mineral extraction processes and the way the business was being carried out openly.

The Director of Tanzanite Forever Lapidary, Mr Faisal Juma Shahbhai, called upon the government to come up with concrete strategies especially in the area of mineral trade, which will further benefit the nation.

“The mineral business is currently being operated smoothly...we the traders of Tanzanite are pleased with the entire system and the way the government has been operating its affairs,” noted Mr Shahbhai.

He applauded the government for its decision to relocate the Tanzanite business to Mirerani, where the rare gemstones are being sourced; noting that the move has enabled the residents of the area to profit from the ac- tivities.

The Acting Mineral Officer at Mirerani, Mr Fabian Mshai revealed that the reforms undertaken in improving the guidelines for allowing Tanzanite trade and refining to be carried out at Mirerani has made it possible for about 48 major mineral traders to buy and refine the minerals from artisanal miners within the area.

He said a total of 105 mineral export permits have been issued to minerals destined to India, Germany, China, USA, Thailand, UK, Spain and Swit- zerland.

Institutions urged to have monitoring, evaluation policy  

PUBLIC and private sector institutions ...

Author: DAILYNEWS Reporter

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