Tanzania opens crop storage facilities in Lubumbashi, Juba

Tanzania opens crop storage facilities in Lubumbashi, Juba

The first batch of Tanzania’s crop consignment has been delivered at the newly constructed storage facilities in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Juba, South Sudan respectively.

The crop storage facilities in the two countries have been officially opened and will be used by both the Tanzanian Government and the Private Sector, Minister for Agriculture, Hussein Bashe revealed on Wednesday.

Mr Bashe said through his Twitter handle @HusseinBashe inviting the private sector to seize the golden opportunity.

“We have opened centers for selling our crops in Lubumbashi DRC and Juba, South Sudan. The first batch of the consignment has arrived.

“The storage facilities will be used by the government and private sector,” Mr Bashe tweeted.

The Minister added that his ministry will continue opening centres for selling produce in countries believed to be a reliable market for Tanzanian produce.

Institutions urged to have monitoring, evaluation policy  

PUBLIC and private sector institutions ...

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    Congratulations ministry of agriculture that is a masterstrok move. Koleza moto. Other ministries especially trade and industry to open centers in overseas markets for Tanzanians products. Have this picture, A government take initiative to build a center in Capetown or Johannesburg and stock it with specific selected products with comparative advantage from Tanzania with special prepared and well trained intrepreneurs from Tanzania just like China is doing with its China malls and China cities.

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