Suspected killer of three family members arrested

Suspected killer of three family members arrested

POLICE in Rukwa Region have arrested Philipp Vincent (22) for brutally murdering an eight-month pregnant mother (24) and her two children.

The man allegedly slaughtered the three family members because the woman owed him two sacks of maize valued 100,000/-

The Acting Rukwa Regional Police Commander (RPC) Ms Theopista Malya has confirmed the grisly incident, saying the three family members were murdered during the night on January 14th this year.

She named the ill-fated woman as Judith Jacob and her two children Milliam (8) and William (4) residents of Katumba Ward in Sumbawanga Municipality, Rukwa Region.

The acting RPC explained further that law enforcers caught the suspect yesterday when while attempting to commit suicide.

“When interrogated by law enforcers, the suspect admitted that he attempted to commit suicide because he felt remorse after slaughtering the three family members.

The suspect also alleged that he murdered the pregnant woman and her two children because the mother of the children refused to refund him 100,000/- worth of two sacks of maize she borrowed from him,” noted the acting RPC.

Acting RPC further explained that during interrogation with police officers, the suspect confessed to have procured a new sharp machete and on January 14th this year at night, he went to the house of the pregnant woman and slaughtered her and her two children.

According to the RPC the killer confessed that he first murdered the mother, while her two children were witnessing and then he turned onto them.

“The suspect confided that he decided to kill the two children because they saw what he did to their mother,” explained the acting RPC.

Narrating the grisly incident Ms Malya explained that on that material night the three family members were the only occupants in their house when the suspect invaded and slaughtered them and fled from the scene after killing them.


She further explained that the bodies of the three slaughtered family members were discovered six days after they were killed.

“The husband of the slain wife is still in Dar es Salaam that he phoned his wife on January 21, this year without success though he tried several attempts....

The man phoned his friend Paul Leonard instructing him to go and see his family and found out that his wife does not receive the phone calls it was around 8.30 pm “explained the acting RPC.

She elaborated that when Leonard arrived at the house of his friend, he was surprised to see the door was locked with pad lock.

“The curious Leonard alerted the local functionaries over the matter and subsequently they rushed to the house and broke the front door. They were shocked to find three bodies sprawling on clotted blood,” added the acting RPC.

It was further alleged that the three bodies were somewhat decomposed. Report from the scene of incident recounted that the three bodies were buried at Katumba village on January 22, this year.

Institutions urged to have monitoring, evaluation policy  

PUBLIC and private sector institutions ...

Author: PETI SIYAME in Sumbawanga

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