ADDITIONAL CLASSES TO CHILDREN : Samia earns parents’ praise

ADDITIONAL CLASSES TO CHILDREN : Samia earns parents’ praise

A cross-section of parents and guardians have hailed President Samia Suluhu Hassan for her initiative of constructing a sufficient number of classrooms for Primary and Secondary schools countrywide.

They passed the credit on different occasions through phone calls to the Minister of State, President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government (PoRALG) Mr Innocent Bashungwa.

According to the minister, the parents hailed President Samia’s efforts that have resulted in decongesting students in the classrooms.

Mr Bashungwa made the statement wile inspecting attendance and progress reached so far as pupils and students across the country have resumed studies for the year 2022.

“I have been receiving a number of phone calls from parents and guardians, who are commending President Samia Suluhu Hassan’s initiative for constructing a total of 12,560 classrooms for secondary schools,” he said.

The construction of 12,560 classrooms has eased congestion of around 600,000 students and addresses classrooms’ shortage by 100 per cent in secondary schools. The government also constructed 3,000 satellite primary schools. All the classrooms were built at a cost of 20m/- each.

The minister went on to explain that the government’s efforts aimed at reducing the walking distance that children were taking in the past.

As Tanzanians shower President Samia for giving priority to education and seeing children going to school enmasse in this year, Minister Bashungwa said what now remains is the responsibility of every parent to ensure that no kid is kept at home.

He, therefore, instructed Regional and District Commissioners across the country to ensure all children who are eligible for studies are enrolled in the available schools.

“We have to work as a team and ensure that all children from six years old are enrolled for studies accordingly,” he said.

Statistics on enrolment of pupils for pre-primary education in public schools show that a total of 1,363,834 are registered for this year, where 676,028 are boys and 687,806 being girls in comparison to last year, when 1,198564 pupils were registered (604,995 being boys and 593, 569 girls).

The data further illustrate that 1,581,823 pupils have been registered for Standard One (788,620 being boys and 793,203 girls) in comparison to 1,549,279 pupils registered last year.

In secondary education, at least 907,803 students will be starting their Form One Secondary education this month.

In the breakdown Dar es Salaam region leads others by registering 78,738 students, Mwanza (68,725), Kagera (50,735), Mara (48,855) and Morogoro (48,515).

Over fortnight ago, the government announced that construction of the intended 15,000 classrooms has been completed by 95 per cent in all regions in mainland Tanzania and only few areas were lagging behind due to various challenges including availability of raw materials, earmarking plots for the project and weather changes

The classrooms were constructed by using a total of 302.7bn/- out of a 1.3trn/- loan that Tanzania secured from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) through the Rapid Credit Facility (RCF).

Out of the 1.3tri/- IMF loan, the PORALG were allocated with 535.63bn/- which is equivalent to 41 per cent of the total loan facility.

Furthermore, 304bn/- of the fund was allocated for primary education, 226.68bn/- for primary health care and 5bn/- for improving infrastructure and business environment for small scale traders.

“The funds have been channeled to priority areas, which touch individual citizens’ lives to increase access to health care and education services and economic empowerment of our citizens and protect them against Coronavirus,” noted the  former Minister in PORALG, Ummy Mwalimu in October last year.

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