FORM IV EXAM RESULTS : Girls beat boys, pass rate up

FORM IV EXAM RESULTS : Girls beat boys, pass rate up

THE National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA) on Saturday released the 2021 Form Four National Examination results with girls outshining boys after grabbing eight out of ten top slots.

 In 2020 national examination results boys outshined girls after   scooping seven out of the top ten students.

Announcing the results in Dar es Salaam on Saturday NECTA Executive Secretary Dr Charles Msonde said that the 2021 pass rate has slightly increased to 87.30 per cent which is equivalent to an increase of   1.46 per cent   compared to 85.84 per cent recorded in 2020.

 Dr  Msonde said that  a total of 422,388  candidates, equivalent to  87.30  percent  of 483,830  candidates,  have passed  the  national examination  compared to  373,958  candidates  equivalent to 85.84 per cent who  excelled  in the 2020 examination.

He noted that out of the candidates who passed the examination 218,174 are girls, equivalent to 85.77 per cent and 204,214 boys, equivalent to 89 per cent.

 Dr  Msonde  further  detailed that among the top ten best students  are  seven girls  from St  Francis  Girls  Secondary School in Mbeya  who are Consolata Prosper Lubuva, Bhutoi Ernest Nkangaza, Wilihelmina Steven Mujarifu, Gloria John Mbele, Mary George Ngoso, Blandina Karen Chiwawa   and Clara Straton Assenga.

Others are Holly Beda Lyimo  from Bright  Future  in Dar es Salaam,  Imam Suleman Mogaeka  from Feza  Boys in  Dar  es Salaam  and Mfaume Hamisi Madili  from Ilboru  Secondary School in  Arusha.

The NECTA boss also mentioned a list of top ten schools as Kemebos (Kagera), St Francis Girls (Mbeya), Waja Boys(Geita), Bright Future Girls (Dar es Salaam), Bethel Sabs Girls (Iringa) Maua Seminary(Kilimanjaro), Feza Boys (Dar es Salaam), Precious Blood (Coast), Feza Girls (Dar es Salaam)  and Mzumbe Boys(Morogoro).

"The results also  show that  many students performed  poorly  in  Mathematics  while  the performance in other subjects  is  good  with candidates  scoring between 55.33 and 95.58 per cent in most of the basic subjects," he explained.

 Dr Msonde further detailed that Chemistry was the best performed subject   with an average of 92.02 per cent, followed by Bookkeeping (71.30 per cent) and Civics (70 pc).  Basic Mathematics on the other hand, was   performed at the lowest average of 19.54 pc.

NECTA also released results for the 2021 Form Two national assessments (FTNA),  indicating that  a total of  555,857 candidates  equivalent to 92.32  per cent  passed the exam  and will proceed to the next class. He noted that the pass rate has increased by 0.71 per cent compared to 2020 results.

He noted that Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, History and Commerce scored low performance of between 19.52 and 49.77 per cent.

The best  performing top ten  schools  in Form  Two  examination  are  St  Francis Girls (Mbeya), Kemobos (Kagera), Graiyaki(Mara), Canossa(Dar es Salaam), Tengerum Boys (Arusha), St Monica Moshono Girls(Arusha), St Augustine Tagaste (Dar es Salaam), Centennial Christian (Coast), Bethel Sabs Girls(Iringa)  and  Bright Future Girls(Dar es Salaam).

On Standard Four National Assessment Examination, Dr Msonde said that 86.30 per cent of the candidates who sat for the test  acquired knowledge and  skills  for  proceeding with Standard Five  while 13.70  have failed  and will be required to repeat  class  four this year.

 Meanwhile, NECTA has annulled results for 214 candidates who were caught cheating as per section 5 (2) (i) and (j) of the National Examination Act chapter 30 of 2016.

The council has also withheld results of 555 candidates who failed to do examinations for various reasons including sickness.

Dr Msonde explained that such candidates will be granted another chance of seating for the subjects skipped in 2022 examinations.


Top ten schools

1. Kemebos (Kagera)

2. St Francis Girls (Mbeya)

3. Waja Boys (Geita),

4. Bright Future Girls (Dar es Salaam)

5. Bethel Sabs Girls (Iringa)

6. Maua Seminary (Kilimanjaro)

 7. Feza Boys (Dar es Salaam),

 8. Precious Blood ( Coast)

 9. Feza Girls (Dar es Salaam)

 10 Mzumbe Boys (Morogoro).




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