As we celebrate independence, let’s not forget the sacrifices

As we celebrate independence, let’s not forget the sacrifices

CELEBRATING November 9th is a fun Tanzanian tradition and a highlight of our hard earned independence. Though we sometimes witness colorful parades and encouraging speeches from our leaders, the day has a much larger meaning to all Tanzanian citizens.

 On Independence Day, we celebrate the freedom that we have as a nation and the rights we have as its people. It is a time to remember those who have paid the price for freedom and be thankful for their sacrifice.

The desire for independence led to the creation of Tanganyika, and the idea of being independent is still of great value to both individuals and Tanzania as a whole. Independence is an important value to Tanzania as a nation.

In fact, it’s how the country began. It is amazing to think of the immense courage, wisdom, and patriotism it took for our founding fathers to not only create a new nation, but to form a completely new system of government and create a Constitution that is still in effect today.

The Founding Father of Tanzania, Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere understood that it is also important to be independent as an individual, which is why the Constitution outlines life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as rights that all humans should be able to enjoy.

Entrepreneurs all over the country have the freedom to create their own businesses, while Tanzanians are also free to travel across the country and even to other countries to learn, vacation, or do business.

The rights and privileges that Tanzanians have allow for more independence as individuals by giving them the freedom of choice. Being independent is very important, both for Tanzania and for its citizens as individuals.

While I may not be declaring my independence just yet, I am glad that I can set off fireworks, listen to patriotic music, and enjoy being with my family as we celebrate Independence Day. I am very thankful for the freedoms I have as a Tanzanian, and I am looking forward to the opportunities that independence brings.

As the country celebrates its independence today, it is important that the youth of our country should know that they have the ability to change this nation.

It is common for us to say that the future depends on the young generation, so as we celebrate, it is our duty to serve the nation and make every possible effort to make our country better. One of the main motives for the celebration of Independence Day is to make our youth aware.

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