President Samia: Tanzania borders intact, no centimeter of land lost

President Samia: Tanzania borders intact, no centimeter of land lost

SIXTY years after Tanzania attained its independence from British colonial rule, the country’s boarders’ are safe and never has it been even a single centimeter of the land lost, President Samia has said and congratulated the Tanzania People’s Defence Force (TPDF) for discharging its duties diligently.  

Addressing the nation, a few hours before the celebration of Tanzania’s 60 years of independence, the President said the country’s borders remain the same, thanks to TPDF soldiers who have proven to be a strong and disciplined army in the region.

"Our borders have remained safe since we attained our independence…We have not lost even one centimeter of our land. Thank you Tanzania's People Defence Force [TPDF]," President Samia said.

 The head of state said the country has transformed itself in various spheres of life namely; economy, politics and social services.   

"We are proud of improving Tanzanians’ lives by increasing access to social services including clean water, education, health and electricity,” she said.

She said Tanzania has moved from having only one university to 30 higher learning institutions as a result of the increased capacity of enrolments.

“There were few experts when our country attained independence. Bachelor degree holders were only 30; doctors 16, accountants 12, an agricultural engineer and surveyor. We had only one varsity…there were no water experts in the water sector but now we have 206…,” the Head of State said.

She added that Tanganyika’s independence attained on 9th December, 1961 paved the way for the Union of the Mainland and Zanzibar and subsequently the birth of Tanzania.

She acknowledged peace, tranquility and unity championed by forefathers as the pillar for the current achievements.


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