Badminton: Its Uhuru showdown for U-19 stars

Badminton: Its Uhuru showdown for U-19 stars

ALL is set for the Uhuru Junior Badminton tournament, an event specially organised to colour the 60th Independence anniversary in Dar es Salaam tomorrow.

Its is being organised by Tanzania Badminton Association (TBA) and is open for boys and girls aged under-19 years. It will be held at Badminton Institute, Maratha, in Dar es Salaam.

One of the event organisers from TBA, Tony Desouza told the 'Daily News' yesterday that preparation for the event has been finalised.

"We are happy to announced that we have prepared the juniors under-19 tournament, it is open for boys and girls," he said.

Adding, he said 17 boys and six girls have by yesterday confirmed their participation in the event which aims at celebrating the 60th Independence anniversary.

Desouza stressed that they see it is wise to give young players a chance to commemorate this day at courts while also promote and develop the game.

However, he said TBA has been silent in recently years due to several reasons that include challenges from global coronavirus.

"Like any other sports disciplines we have  endured a difficult period in recently years, it is always difficult for indoor games like badminton," he said.

He, however,added that they hope things will change soon and the game will return to normal as always sports is very important for health well-being.

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