Over 500 traders, processors trained on aflatoxin

Over 500 traders, processors trained on aflatoxin

More than 500 business people, transporters and processors of maize and groundnuts in four districts, three regions have benefitted from the training on aflatoxin as an important way to protect public health.

The districts involved in the training under the Tanzania Initiative for Preventing Aflatoxin Contamination (TANIPAC) initiative were Kiteto in Manyara Region, Kongwa in Dodoma Region, Gairo and Kilosa in Morogoro Region.

The two weeks training programme aimed at enhancing awareness on how to control aflatoxin to protect the health of the consumers and animals as well as maintain food security.

The Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) official Jabir Saleh Abdi who represented the Director General said the training on aflatoxin held in Kiteto District has broadened understanding to business people, processors and transporters on maize and groundnuts.

This project is under the Agriculture Ministry and TBS was given the obligation to provide training on aflatoxin.

Mr Abdi said the training programme will be offered in other districts of Kondoa, Chemba, Bahi and Babati. Other districts are Namtumbo, Newala, Nanyumbu, Nzega, Urambo, Kibondo, Kasulu, Buchosa, Bukombe and Itilima.

The regions for which the training on aflatoxin will be provided are namely Dodoma, Manyara, Ruvuma, Mtwara, Tabora, Kigoma, Mwanza, Geita, Simiyu and Morogoro.

Mr Abdi mentioned some of the benefits of the training including protecting the health of the people, improving and maintaining quality standards of maize and groundnuts business as well as protecting animals’ health and ensuring food security.

The other benefit of providing training on aflatoxin is to sustain market competition within and outside the country.

Businesspeople, processors and transporters have a great role to play in ensuring that the problem of aflatoxin is addressed and removed to protect the health of the people.

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Kilosa

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