If sponsorship is good, co-sponsorship makes it better

If sponsorship is good, co-sponsorship makes it better

THE abundance of effective sponsorship in the Premier League needs standing ovation as it is a clear indication that the country’s football is on steady run towards the bright future.

When a league has powerful sponsorship, you definitely see the improvement in the level of competition among all the teams, as none of them will be crying of financial constraints since they become certain to get some portion from sponsors to foot main expenses.

Not a long time ago, hearing that the Premier League sides failed to travel from one venue to another for their league assignments was the order of the day and was one of the major contributing factors due to shortage of funds to facilitate their trips.

In other scenarios, some teams were even arriving at venues on the match day as such; players failed to perform well due to fatigue as they had long travels on road, thus ending up performing poorly.

It should be known that in most cases, teams which are relegated are the ones that faced serious economic hiccups as they fail to upkeep well their players who in this case are the ones that need to be taken good care of like a basket of eggs.

The same applies to other sectors whereby if employees are not properly and timely given what they deserve, then never expect to get quality services from them unless otherwise hence in football circles, players are everything.

Time is here for clubs to treat their players as heroes by providing to them whatever they need both on and off the field, knowing in advance that they are working and have a queue of people depending on them for their survival.

Just like in real life, some people go to their offices to make bread and butter while footballers regard the pitch whether natural or artificial as their place of work (office) hence, there is no need to undervalue them.

Now, going back to the sponsorship, the recent support from GSM as co-sponsors of NBC Premier League, has to the high extent added something essential towards uplifting football standards in the country.

This is what the modern football would like to experience and there are still many rooms which deserve to be filled by potential sponsors in order to make the league meaningful with much competitive.

It should be noted that before making this big step, GSM were already sponsoring three teams in the league which are Young Africans, Coastal Union and Namungo, meaning that they have fully observed that investing in the entire league will be a good gesture to make.

In his moving speech during the contract signing ceremony, GSM’S Director of Investment, Hersi Said narrated that their motive to trade as co-sponsors was in line to help government fully achieve her objectives of promoting the beautiful game in the world.

“We are all aware on the importance of sponsorship in football and as GSM, we have been working hard to support the development of football and we have also been involved in scaling up other sport disciplines like Basketball whereby we recently became one of the Taifa Cup sponsors.

“We all know that the main sponsors of the league are NBC as such, we thought that there is a need to contribute something to the competing clubs as the modern football cannot forge ahead without enough funds,” Hersi disclosed.

He added that clubs do face many challenges especially high travelling costs and that quality players who are attracted to play in the country’s league cannot easily stay if teams are encountering financial instabilities.

Yes, it should be known that the Premier League is drawing players and football experts from many parts of the world, willing to come all the way to Tanzania to impart their expertise and at the same time earn a living.

All these are good indicators that the top flight league, besides being popular, it is among the well paid football leagues on the universe no wonder coaches from Spain, France, Cameroon, Tunisia and other nations are all interested to earn a working chance in the nation.

As a sport loving country, Tanzanians are always interested to see improvement being made in their league and by attracting more sponsors, sooner than later, things will be much better. However, another area which requires much concentration is investing on the playing venues (pitches) as most of them are still in poor conditions which cannot support smooth flow of the ball.

Yes, it is just a matter of time before these unfriendly playing arenas put on new faces and enable the beautiful game unfold at conducive environment.

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