Stakeholders to discuss role of data in digital economy

Stakeholders to discuss role of data in digital economy

TANZANIA Data Lab (dLab) has organised a three-day conference to analyse the role of data in the digital economy with the goal of emphasizing the significance of data in development.

The ‘Data Tamasha 2021’ event will bring together data enthusiasts, leaders, and practitioners from the private and public sectors at dLab on the campus of the University of Dar es Salaam’s College of Information and Communication Technologies (CoICT).

Co-founder and Executive Director of dLab, Mr Stephen Chacha, said the event will take place from December 6-8 and will include dialogues discussions, presentations, fireside chats, interactive sessions, exhibitions, and public outreach activities powered by data.

“Data Tamasha is a biennial event that highlights the importance of data in development and how data can help our community,”

“This will be the third time we have organise this event. The first was in 2017 when it drew 300 people from all around the world, “he said.

The theme for this year’s event is ‘Unboxing Data for the Digital Economy,’ according to him, and it aims to emphasize and illustrate the significance of data as a driver of digital transformation.

They will concentrate on education, health, agriculture, business, gender, the labour market, data governance, water and sanitation, climate change, governance, accountability, and journalism, according to him. One of the partners in the event, Principal Research Scientist at Ifakara Health Institute, Dr Samson Kiware said the event will focus on capacity building for Tanzanians to be able to tap into opportunities in the digital economy.

“There are several opportunities including creating a system that will bring a solution to the community and development of the nation,” he said Christina Chacha, Vodacom Tanzania’s Acting Head of Communication and Public Relations, stated that they support dLab in their event because they have collaborated on different projects to enhance digital inclusion.

“One of the issues we will focus on during the event is Mkulima, an end-to-end enterprise solution for the agriculture sector,” she said.

According to her, the program provides farmers with digital advisory services, such as weather predictions and agronomic advice, in addition to mobile money-enabled payments to replace cash transactions.

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