Rombo records drop in GBV cases

Rombo records drop in GBV cases

AS Tanzania and the rest of the World are marking 16 days of activism against Gender Based Violence (GBV) Rombo district has recorded a decrease in number of cases related to such acts following intensive measures taken by the government and its stakeholders to end the vice.

The cases have decreased from 168 reported   last year to 103 this year.

This was revealed by Rombo District's Officer in Charge of Criminal Investigation Department (OC- CID) Sgt Vicent Msami in his office this week while talking to a team of reporters  and officials from Tanzania Women Lawyers Association (TAWLA), Kilimanjaro Women Information Exchange and Community Organisation (KWIECO) and Tanzania Network of Legal Aid Providers (TANLAP).

The stakeholders are implementing a project dubbed "Mwanamke Imara" aimed at promoting gender equality in Rombo and Moshi districts in Kilimanjaro region.

"GBV acts were very serious in the district in the past years but we are now seeing a significant improvement following the introduction of 'Mwanamke Imara' project' which started to be implemented in this district this year", he said.

Expounding, he said Police Gender Desk received 85 rape cases in 2020 but the number has declined to 59 this year.

He further said that, last year 28 child pregnancy cases were reported  but  the cases have decreased to 9  this  year,  five incest  cases were reported last  year but  there is no such  case which has been reported this year.

Msami further noted that   two sexual related cases involving people with mental illness were reported last year and this year respectively.

"We have received training on preventing and dealing with GBV cases at the community level and we are using this knowledge to reach out different groups in our area including youths especially cyclists, school children, elderly and the community at large," he explained.

He added that there were also incidents of invading elderly people who are living alone or with young children but to date such incidents have dropped significantly.

According to Sgt Msami, elders were now capable of seeking police assistance whenever they see indications of these acts after being reached with the awareness sessions.

Sgt Msami said that there were a number of factors which contribute to the high number of GBV acts in the district including excessive drinking by men who end up.failing to take care of their wives and families and other traditional beliefs.

Sgt Msami went on to say that ,51 out of 168  cases  reported  last year have been taken to court while 27 cases out of 103  reported  this year  have also been  taken to  court.

Author: HARRIET KIAMA in Rombo  

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