Mtwara RC commends residents for upholding peace

Mtwara RC commends residents for upholding peace

MTWARA Regional Commissioner Brigadier General Marco Gaguti has acknowledged an important role played by the region residents in upholding peace and security in the area and the country in general.

Speaking here on Wednesday, Brig Gen. Gaguti said as the country celebrates its 60th independence, border areas in the region are still safe.

“Citizens’ involvement in ensuring peace and security is one of the issues we cannot avoid to acknowledge, especially at the time we are celebrating 60 years of our country’s independence,” he said.

The RC said Mtwara people, mostly those living in the villages bordering Mozambique, collaborated  well with the country’s security organs in providing information and reporting any suspicious activities in their respective areas for security purposes.

He said Mtwara residents living along borders of Mozambique have been alert and always organised to work with the security organs following attacks in the neighboring country since 2020/2021.

“As you all know, Mtwara is bordering some parts of our neighbouring country which has been facing insecurity issues since 2020/2021, despite that, our citizens have been in the forefront of collaborating with security organs to ensure our region is protected,” he said calling upon other citizens to uphold such spirit  so as to ensuring peace and security prevails countrywide.

Meanwhile, Brig Gen Gaguti said that the region has made several achievements in social and economic development since independence, saying the region’s economy has grown steadily to 4trl/ in 2020 from 1.4trl/ GDP per year.  

He said the huge achievements in economic development are attributed to various developments including economic activities being conducted in the region such as cashew farming and production of other crops in the region.

“As the country is marking  60 years of independence, we have come up with some strategic development plans that will see further and steady economic development in the region,” he said, while calling upon the people to continue working hard especially in the production of cashews and other cash  crops.

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Author: ANNE ROBI in Mtwara

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