Pray for rains, Muslim faithful urged

Pray for rains, Muslim faithful urged

THE National Muslim Council of Tanzania (Bakwata) in Kilimanjaro Region has urged Muslim believers to pray for rains as the country continues to experience some dry spells.

The move followed Chief Mufti Sheikh Abubakar Zubeir bin Ally’s early request to all Muslims to lead special prayers for rains.

Delivering the Council’s statement here on Wednesday, BAKWATA Regional Chief Sheikh Mlewa Shaban Kimwaga said it was important for all the Muslim faithful to beseech divine intervention as drought and water shortage continued to bite in the country.

He said: The fact is drought affects people and livestock and effects are there for everyone and as we speak, our people and mostly livestock keepers have lost big herds of their animals pushing them deeper into poverty, we therefore need to hold special prayers.”

Elaborating, Chief Sheikh said it was imperative for the faithful to hold ‘Special Prayers’ for rain (salat al-‘istisqa) to seek intercession from God, for the Heavens to open up.

“We have in the recent past, seen pastures depleted and diminishing water levels, while several boreholes have broken down due to growing demand,” he said.

The Tanzania Metrological Authority (TMA) had in September this year, warned that the country could face drought instead of the envisioned rainy season with further indicators showing that many regions will receive rains below normal average.

According to the weatherman, water scarcity could lead to outbreak of water borne diseases, power cuts and conflicts between farmers and pastoralists.

Meanwhile, the regional Muslim Council has lined up more than 200 hectares of land for investment.

The Council is currently engaging potential investors with a view to leasing and selling the plots for investment opportunities.

Speaking on behalf of his colleagues, BAKWATA secretary in Moshi District Abdulahi Mfaume welcomed the Council’s decision, challenging those opposing the noble idea to submit their views other than complaining on the sidelines.

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Author: QUEEN ISACK in Moshi

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