Defend your interests, CRB tells contractors

Defend your interests, CRB tells contractors

CONTRACTORS Registration Board (CRB) has urged local contractors in the country to defend their interests in the contracts when they are violated by clients.

The call was made on Wednesday in Dar es Salaam by CRB Chairperson, Eng. Consolatha Ngimbwa after opening the three-day training on contract management to local contractors.

He urged them to take the training seriously and use the material they acquire to practice and not dump them on their shelves, because the tendency shows that some local contractors fail to demand their rights for fear that they would be denied tenders by their clients in the future.

“Don’t be like that because it is your right to fight for it, in every contract clients and contractors have their rights. Ask yourself when you violate the contract; does your employer tolerate you? So you are not tolerated… then take action to protect your rights without fear,” he said.

She also urged local contractors to ensure that they read the contract between the lines before they start to implement any construction project to avoid consequences they may suffer at the end of the day where some of them abandon their sites.

She said good contract management is very important and necessary for any contractor because they always deal with contracts.

“Your daily job contracts, you participate in tenders and if you succeed you get a contract to implement the project, you will implement the project as required in your contract. There is no way you can work as a contractor without contract, so you cannot succeed in this business without having skills in contract management,” she said.

Eng Ngimbwa said in the training local contractors will learn different important issues in construction contracts adding that in the contract is where rights of both sides are articulated.

“I am very sure that you practice all of this in your daily activities, especially when you implement different projects. This training will help you to improve how to manage your contract professionally,” she said

Eng Ngimbwa said she is optimistic that the training will help local contractors to improve their knowledge of contract management.

She also urged local contractors to be conversant with Tanzania National e-Procurement System (TANEPS), because currently, it is the only way that is used by the government to receive tenders.

She said because the government and its institutions and agencies are the number one employer of all construction projects, and there is no way a contractor can survive without having the TANePS Knowledge.


She added that there is information that some local contractors who are not conversant with TANePS to submit their tenders and they find some people to do on their behalf something which she said is not proper.

“By doing so your tender cannot be a secret because it became very easy for your competitor to know what you have submitted. Please don’t risk your profession take time to learn the system and submit your tender on your own,” she said

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