Mt. K’njaro cable cars on final touches

Mt. K’njaro cable cars on final touches

THE government is finalizing arrangements that will allow the use of cable cars to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

This is part of the government's continuous strategic plans to innovate and initiate more products in the tourism sector so that the industry immensely contributes in the national economy.

Deputy Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism Marry Masanja said on Wednesday in Dodoma that the initiative will also play a role in marketing the available tourism attractions in the country.

She was addressing a press conference on the achievements that the country has attained in the natural resources and tourism sector in the past 60 years of independence.

“We are finalizing the legal process for the establishment of cable cars, and very soon Tanzanians will be informed of the exact date of commencement of this service,” she said.

According to her, right now the government is working on a legal framework that covers formulation of policy and regulations, before introduction of the cable cars. The deputy minister was of the view that the cars will shorten time for climbing Africa’s highest mountain that normally takes between six and seven days for one to reach at the peak.

“With these cable cars, it will take even 30 minutes for one to climb the mountain, this indeed, will encourage many people to hike the mountain continuously,” she said.

In another development the deputy minister called on Tanzanians to keep marketing the available tourism sites for the sake of attracting more tourists for national development

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