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TBL, TANROADS launch buffer zones in Arusha

TBL, TANROADS launch buffer zones in Arusha

Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL) has partnered with the Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS) to launch six buffer zones in Arusha, which will be the first in Africa.

The launch of the six buffer zones in Arusha city which is a major international diplomatic hub is a first in Africa and is set to help decrease pedestrian-motorcyclists’ accidents.

The six buffer zones will be installed in areas where there are a significant number of road traffic accidents and fatalities involving motorcyclists and busy intersections used by a high number of motorcyclists and pedestrians.

The areas where buffer zones were installed are Philips Junction, Sanawari Junction, Sakina Junction, Mbauda Junction, Mianzini Junction and Nairobi Road Junction.

The Home Affairs Minister, George Simbachawene said at the launch, “We are proud to be the first country in Africa to launch the motorcycle buffer zones.

This shows Tanzania’s commitment to improving road safety for all and to modernise how our roads are used.

The Ministry is proud to partner with TBL and will continue to support efforts to improve the road sector throughout the country and to ensure that all motorists and road users can use the roads safely,”

Urban road Manager at Tanroads Engineer Christina Kayoza said, “TANROADS believes the implementation of the buffer zones will have the same success as in São Paulo Brazil, as between 2013 and 2015 around 350 buffer zones were implemented in the city with 54 being monitored and showing a sharp decrease in total accidents and motorcycle injuries,”

The buffer zones will be implemented between the crosswalk and the retaining lane for other vehicles to guarantee safety for both motorcyclists and pedestrians.

TBL’s Country Director Jose Moran said, “We will also be partnering with TANROADS to secure a partnership between the educational and the engineering agents to assist support the traffic police to instruct all road users (motorcyclists, cars, bicyclists, pedestrians) on the use of the buffer zones.”

He added, “Considering that the application of the buffer zone is new, we do understand that road users may not understand how to use the zones without orientation. In this sense, it is recommended that the application of the buffer zone is done together with educational efforts,”

The launch of the buffer zone is a continuation of TBL’s road safety awareness campaign in Tanzania.  

Last week, TBL in partnership with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), launched a road safety app, Management Practices for Safer Roads Toolkit for use by Tanzania’s Traffic Police to boost road safety awareness.

Both road safety campaigns are aimed to achieve the goal of sustainable cities and communities and are part of TBL’s commitment to supporting efforts by the government to provide education on the misuse and responsible consumption of alcohol while also advocating for effective policies, programs, and partnerships with relevant stakeholders in this regard.

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