Raging fire destroys four hotels in South Unguja

Raging fire destroys four hotels in South Unguja

A fire that started in the kitchen at the Villa de Coco Resort in Jambiani, Zanzibar has destroyed three hotels and burned down six more rooms of the neighboring fourth hotel, thanks to sea breeze and limited firefighting gear. 

South Unguja Regional Police Commander Suleiman Hassan confirmed the incident, saying no one was harmed including hotel guests as well as hoteliers.

"We are aware of the incident. Police and firefighters arrived at the area at around 5. pm and managed to contain the fire by around 8:30 pm,” Hassan told Daily News Digital by phone.

He detailed that the police and firefighting brigade are still investigating the cause of the outbreak. The police pointed out that it was so brazier as most hotels are built on bamboo trees.

Initial reports claimed that five hotels, Villa de Coco, Sharazad, Spice Island, Fun Beach and Cobe were all on fire. But the Police said only four hotels were affected with three being burnt to the ground.

Hassan said the fire spread from Villa de Coco, to Cobe, Fun Beach, and caught six rooms at Spice Island. “It was easy to catch the hotels due to the sea breeze. Also, there could be some problems with the firefighting systems at the hotels,” he said.

Jambiani Kibigija area Chairperson, Sinatama Makame Haji said at around 11:30 pm that the fire was still burning and the police along with the firefighting unit had contained the incident by only 40 per cent.

“The cause is yet to be identified,” he said the fire is still uncontrolled. 

Both the District and Regional Commissioner visited the place.

Haji told the reporter that two vehicles were also burnt in the fire.

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Author: DAILYNEWS Reporter


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    Naseema Mustapha

    More effective fire control procedures are needed within the hotels and a more improved response time from emergency services is needed.

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    Amanda Wardle

    So sorry to hear this, thinking of you all, so glad it didn't spread further xx

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