Judiciary successfully implements strategic plan

Judiciary successfully implements strategic plan

THE Judiciary of Tanzania has successfully implemented the Five-Year Strategic Plan (2015/2016-2019/2020) aimed at improving justice services to the people.

This was revealed by the Chief Justice, Prof Ibrahim Juma, when speaking with judicial officers of Bunda District Court on the first day of his working visit in the High Court's Musoma Zone, which started on Wednesday.

He congratulated all the staff of the Judiciary in the country for fully implementing the strategic plan that ended last year and that was aimed at improving justice services to the people.

“For the past five years, we have been implementing the Five-Year Strategic Plan and we have done so with great success and our strategic plan is praised not only in African countries but even the World Bank sees us as an example of the institutions that develop strategic plan and implement it,” the Chief Justice said.

Prof Juma pointed out that the main implementers of the strategic plan were judicial officers. He also referred to the report presented before him by the Resident Magistrate in Charge of Bunda District Court, which showed how they cooperated with each other from the grassroots level and worked together to implement the plan.

The Chief Justice noted that one of the strategies for implementing the strategic plan was the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and explained that he had been informed by the Assistant Director of ICT that judicial officers from Musoma Zone were doing very well.

He added that the issue of improving the services of the judiciary in the 21st century is measured by the use of ICT where the available information shows that all the cases contained in the Electronic Registration System (JSDS II), Musoma Zone have been uploaded by 100 per cent and those figures are accurate.

"So when we say we are entering the 21st century of improving the services of the judiciary, you are the living example of that improvement, everything has gone well, the High Court's Musoma Zone has responded very well. We must express our gratitude for these achievements recorded,” he said.

Prof Juma reminded the judicial officers that the second Strategic Plan has already started to be implemented. He thus asked them to read it, understand it and implement it because it would  help pushing forward the Court's commitment to improve its services to the people.

 "In 2025 we will stand and be tested on what we have done, we have completed the first Strategic Plan and now the World Bank is testing us on what we have done. The court will be assessed in the next five years and that is why we are rushing to ensure that every district has a District Court building, "he said.

The Chief Justice noted that the Judiciary of Tanzania will ensure that the areas that have been planned for rehabilitation are rehabilitated and that the Judiciary enters into the use of ICT as one of the criteria to be used by the World Bank in the assessment to be done.

However; among the challenges raised by Bunda District Court staff is the internet being low which leads to various cases not being uploaded on the system in a timely manner.

Responding to the challenge of the internet, the Assistant Director of ICT - Judiciary of Tanzania, Mr Machumu Essaba said that such an issue has already been worked out where the Judiciary was in the process of being integrated into the ICT system used by the government.

During his four-day visit, Prof Juma will also visit various court places including Serengeti District, Tarime and Rorya.

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Author: FAUSTINE KAPAMA in Bunda

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